Watford v Liverpool - A Liverpool Perspective

17 Oct 2021 07:39:25
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1.) 17 Oct 2021
17 Oct 2021 08:57:08
Man I hate to ne a villa fan when you lot moan about the manager no one said a thing after everton and man utd so fickle.

2.) 17 Oct 2021
17 Oct 2021 10:59:46
I agree I sometimes think that if Jesus Christ was our manager and we won every game some would still moan because we hadn’t scored enough! I am sure there will come a point in Deano’s Villa career when he will get sacked it does for most but surely that time is not now. When our owners took over it was on the basis of it being a 5 year plan to have us challenging the top six in the premiership we are currently in year 4 and we have progressed year on year, in addition we have totally overhauled the youth set up and we are a much stronger club now than we were 3 years ago. Furthermore when we arrived back in the premiership we were seen as a one man team, who could only play one way 4 2 3 1. We sold Grealish in the summer re invested that money in the team and we are a much better squad now then we were before, however some are taking time to adjust as well as Smith having to adapt tactically as he has many more options available to him, the adjustment for both players and manager is going to take time hence why the results are patchy, we just need to be more patient as fans.

3.) 17 Oct 2021
17 Oct 2021 13:17:42
Simon that’s just a lie to be honest, we said lots after Everton and united, we gave them the credit they deserved! and yesterday they deserved a right rollicking, they deserved to be slated, I go so far as to say they deserve to lose part of their wages, they are paid top dollar to play football, what they done in the last 20-25 mins wasn’t football and they shouldn’t be paid for serving up that tripe.
80 mins on the clock and they get a goal back on us, I’m sorry but there is no excuse against a team of wolves low quality to let them get a second or a third, as a player, as a manager you do whatever it takes to hold on to your 3 points, it would be one thing if it was against city or another team with the quality they have but come on, wolves? Your havin a laugh. I heard no apology in smiths post match interview, I thought we were poor for the whole game to be honest, never looked like scoring in the first half, the formation just wasn’t working, we were lucky to be 2 nil up if you ask me, smith said the performance was better than against spurs but I don’t agree, we were just playing a team that’s even worse than spurs,
Did we learn nothing from the lesson we got from that game and let son destroy us on his own practically, yesterday we let podence do the exact same but we were that bad that it only took him 15 mins to destroy us. we are learning nothing from our mistakes, we might learn for a week but then we forget it again, and if we don’t qualify for Europe this year or at least be very close to it I think we can say goodbye to Martinez and maginn.
I’m getting tired of hearing the old “where we were 3 years ago” line. forget where we were 3 years ago we have spent the guts of 400 million in those 3 years so you would expect to be better would you not? And the ambition of the fans shouldn’t and isn’t just being better than we were 3 years ago,
I said yesterday was on smith and I stand by it, he picked the team he made the subs and he watched it not working for way to long as usual, I don’t know if he should be sacked as I don’t know if we can get anyone better but it’s my firm opinion that we are never going higher than 10th and definitely not getting Europe with him leading us, he’s just not tactically good enough, any decent manager in the league will beat him.

4.) 17 Oct 2021
17 Oct 2021 16:24:28
Agree were not going anywhere with him in charge, we need a top manager to get the best out of this lot.

5.) 17 Oct 2021
17 Oct 2021 16:40:29
Normally Whacky I like your posts but on this one you are way off, realistically what do you expect in our third season back in the premiership? If you think we are a nailed on for anything above the top 10 then I think you need a check up from the neck up.

In terms of any decent manager would beat him Benitez has won the Champions League I think that qualifies him as a decent manager and we gave his Everton side a right good thumping.

6.) 17 Oct 2021
17 Oct 2021 17:09:21
I never said we were nailed on for higher than 10th mate, I’m saying that dean won’t bring us any higher, be it our 3rd year or 5th or 10th back in the premier league, he’s not a bad manager, he will keep us safe but that’s as far as it go’s for him,
Pluffy mentioned further up that we miss John terry, I have to agree with him, our defence is after taking a hit this year.
And yes we beat Benitez a few weeks back, but we didn’t beat him with his full team, they were missing at least 2 or 3 of their best players.
It’s deans job to see where we have a problem and solve it but he is regularly way to slow in doing it or like yesterday didn’t do it at all.