07 Aug 2021 17:13:44
Congratulations to Dougie, gold medal winner at the Olympics. 🥇

1.) 07 Aug 2021
07 Aug 2021 18:47:45
Plays such a different role for Brazil, and thrives in it! Hope we sign a proper defensive mid so we can see Dougie in a box to box role.

2.) 07 Aug 2021
07 Aug 2021 19:13:10
Yes fingers crossed Chris because Dougie isn’t cut out for that DM role at all imo.

3.) 07 Aug 2021
07 Aug 2021 19:29:22
Haven’t seen any specific rumours linking us to Bissouma but apparently some money is going on him being our next signing. Here’s hoping!

4.) 07 Aug 2021
07 Aug 2021 20:07:37
I think the jigsaw would be complete if we could get him John.

5.) 07 Aug 2021
07 Aug 2021 21:31:40
He played slightly ahead of Fabinho in the Copa America and WCQ when he was involved. but in the Olympic team he was very much at DM. And he was excellent. Alongside / slightly behind Guimares in a double pivot not dissimilar to the system we could well employ. I think he and Sanson could well prove an effective pairing personally.

6.) 07 Aug 2021
07 Aug 2021 23:28:24
Imo not a chance you could consider his position at the olympics a DM, I’ve never seen a system where your defensive midfielder finds themselves regularly on the edge of the opposition box, he was box to box, an old fashioned 8 so to speak, in my opinion.

He thrives in it, first season for us he scored some good important goals for us, and got some decent assists aswell playing that role. Last season with Barkley coming in, he was shoehorned into that 6, and whilst he was good on the ball, getting hold of it he was hit and miss, occasionally you’d see his attacking tendencies pull himself out of position, hence why we was so easy to play straight through in midfield. And why he often had to commit fouls on the break when he found himself chasing.