20 Jul 2023 07:45:47
Don't know how reliable this site is but HardTackle have said Diaby has decided to join Al Nast.

1.) 20 Jul 2023
20 Jul 2023 08:21:04
Coming from the same source as recent days, Rudy Galletti, who is reportedly a little unreliable LotM - But, you know what they say, a broken clock is right twice a day so who knows. He's the only person reporting that Diaby has decided against Villa. Time will tell, I'd expect to hear something today or tomorrow, this is dragging on.

2.) 20 Jul 2023
20 Jul 2023 09:35:11
This is a hard one to call there are so much conflicting reports, I think a lot of it is guessing to be honest.

3.) 20 Jul 2023
20 Jul 2023 11:09:21
Max Lee, who is supposed to be very reputable, has said Villa have agreed a fee but apparently our wages are nowhere near as good as the Saudi club, apparently Diaby is waiting on them to agree a fee and will make a decision then! Fingers crossed!

4.) 20 Jul 2023
20 Jul 2023 18:27:19
Diaby has signed for villa

5.) 20 Jul 2023
20 Jul 2023 19:24:11
I can’t see anywhere that he’s actually signed, sorry to be a downer ??‍♂️


6.) 20 Jul 2023
20 Jul 2023 20:21:32
All over social media and sky sports

7.) 20 Jul 2023
20 Jul 2023 21:11:13
He’s not signed, says he’s agreed to sign, but not signed ??‍♂️


8.) 20 Jul 2023
20 Jul 2023 21:12:03
Multiple sources are suggesting terms have been agreed in principle between player and both clubs - but no reputable sources are confirming it's 'done' - obviously it's not until things are actually signed.which they won't be unless a medical is passed first you'd assume.