01 Jun 2022 16:46:58
It seems we are still interested in Robin Olsen, given his performance against City I think I would be more inclined on saving a bit of money and taking Ben Foster on a free, I know Watford were relegated but that was based more on the fact he had nothing in front of him as a back up I think he would be fine.

1.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 17:05:04
I know he's not young but I can't see Foster wanting to be a second choice just yet. Olsen is at least used to that and despite a shaky start I thought he did alright against City for 70 minutes.

2.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 20:28:06
rk, he stood motionless for Gundogan’s header and I firmly believe if Martinez was in goal he would have saved Rodri’s shot. He was second string at Sheff Utd and conceding 3 in 10 minutes ain’t great We can do better than Olsen.

3.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 22:39:16
I got pelters for saying Foster the other week ??‍♂️


4.) 01 Jun 2022
01 Jun 2022 22:53:40
I think people are still stuck on thinking we are in a position to maintain 2 prem level starters in every position when we can only offer many of them league and FA Cup games.
Goalkeepers very rarely get injured so you only have 3 options. A young keeper who is still fairly green, a perennial number 2 or someone near the end of their career who is about to be dropped.
Foster doesn't fit any of those categories as he's still got at least another year of being a first choice and he's not the type to not take it.
Even Steer got fed up of not playing and moved on.
I've seen Emi concede worse goals but we don't criticise him. Olsen hadn't played a minute for us and didn't find out he was starting until last minute so was unlikely he'd have an absolute worldie. He's an international number one for a team that did well at the Euros and his experience at Roma means he's been around some good players and managers. He's unlikely to play much so its more about what he can bring in behind the scenes which is probably more than some other options that we could actually get to sit on the bench. £3m isn't much for his experience whuch can be used to help the young keepers.

5.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 06:33:50
Foster has openly said one of the clubs he would consider moving to is Villa, he has done that in the understanding that he would not be the no 1, he has a vast amount of experience played international football and even at his age he is a better keeper than Olsen in my opinion.

6.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 08:20:40
Let's add up the total sum of those quotes.
'Would consider being a number 2 to a world class goalkeeper' meaning it's not really his first choice.
'Like Ramsdale or even Martinez' meaning if he is going to be a number 2 then he will prioritise Arsenal over us.
Foster will take his time, first waiting to see what first choice offers there are before then considering backup options.
Our current setup seems to be that we don't hang around as someone's fall back. If you're not saying yes early on then we're not interested. I like that approach as we are essentially likely to end up with mercenaries who don't put in any effort.

7.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 09:15:48
If he is looking to stay in the premiership then at 39 it’s very unlikely he is going to be anyone’s first choice even the newly promoted sides. I accept we are going to buy Olsen the deal looks as good as done, I just hope Martinez doesn’t get injured because if he’s out for any length of time I think Olsen will cost us points.

8.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 09:39:46
That may or may not be the case but I think that's the same with most clubs.
Spurs second choice is a keeper we didn't trust in the championship. Liverpool are worried any time Alisson is out.
Outside of Leno, Henderson and Kepa I wouldn't say there's a number 2 you'd absolutely put your money on being as consistently good as the first choice. Palace maybe but that's more a case of Guaita not being top level so Butland doesn't look like a drop off in quality.

{Ed001's Note - Liverpool are not worried when Kelleher is in goal at all. He is an excellent young keeper. Most Liverpool fans just worry we will lose him as he could easily be first choice elsewhere. Leno and Kepa are both very poor keepers, I guess only as good as the first choice because Ramsdale and Mendy are both poor as well.}