22 Aug 2020 09:34:42
Right I notice that people are starting to get nasty with each other on here let's not forget we are all Villa we want the same thing to see this great club back where it belongs! Now transfers now judging by lack of activity across the premier league Iam guessing its actually bloody hard to get deals over the line this summer its not football manager you know lads.

We have all named great players and other fans are prob doing the same we all want our team to be the best in the world but with the virus going around players are more reluctent to move I don't blame them if we do get a player from abroad he an his family have to Quarantine for 2 weeks! Deals this summer will take ages look at Man Utd 1 of the Biggest teams in the world there struggling to get deals over the line.

A lot might be true about linked players but have patience. Turning on 1 another I don't get that nobodys right or wrong we just all have differnt views! With what's going on in the world would it hurt to be nice? It could be a while before we actually go football anyway!

1.) 22 Aug 2020
22 Aug 2020 11:51:13
I get the feeling Villa are aiming to keep all, bar the odd exceptional deal, under the £20M mark. This could be just an adjustment for the the virus impact and knowing money is tight all around or perhaps because the reported £100M kitty (reported by the Sun and repeated by many) is complete tosh.

I think the club are likely aiming for up to five additions with perhaps a budget closer to £70-75M. Of course, press reports are iffy at the best of times, but many of the £20M quoted prices seems to see the club seeking out alternatives. Perhaps a striker might be the exception.

All supposition I know, but I will be surprised if we break the £100M spending barrier this time.