11 Jun 2019 11:59:46
L'Equipe are now reporting that the fee for El Ghazi was significantly less than originally reported at around 5m euros. Which in my opinion is a very good bit of business. Of course this is still unofficial and it will likely be sometime before we really know what the details of the deal are, but if true, it's another piece of very shrewd business.
I also have a 'friend of a friend' rumour that Villa are looking at signing Mings AND another established CB (I'd love Cahill for a season or two), as well as two marquee signings, one being a forward and one being a centre midfielder.
Reading between the lines it would seem they're focussed on topping up the squad with young and hungry players and putting in bigger bids to establish a solid core. Time will tell but all the signs are positive so far.

1.) 11 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 12:46:45
Hi DJC, you are reiterating something that I've heard from someone who allegedly works in the football business. Apparently there is a list of 20 players who are wanted by "the club" over the next 3 transfer windows. He has also heard 4 deals are in ongoing discussions, and that others have been or are in the process of being submitted.

Only telling you what i have heard. May be BS, but based upon the performance of the club since promotion, it looks like we have a management team who mean business.

2.) 11 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 18:58:03
Definitely feels like we actually have a strategy in place and we're working hard to give ourselves a fighting chance in the prem. Not counting any chickens just yet though.
It's also slightly fortunate timing to get promoted leading into a season that ends in a major international tournament - generally speaking it means slightly higher calibre players become available with the need for regular football to make international squads. Fingers crossed!

3.) 11 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 20:39:50
Nothing fortunate DJC, it means slightly elevated prices as well.

4.) 12 Jun 2019
11 Jun 2019 23:04:55
Hi Villadave, disagree slightly on that front as inflated prices usually follow after a major tournament has taken place rather than before it, but the point I was making was more about the increased likelihood that premiere league/ top level players who aren't currently getting regular game time will be more inclined to consider transfers this summer when trying to ensure they make international squads. Hopefully something Villa can capitalise on like I say. Fingers crossed!

5.) 12 Jun 2019
12 Jun 2019 11:55:15
agree with you here DJC players on the fringe tend to want to drop to a lower team to get the game time to get that starting place. rose or chilwell at lb for England for instance rose could be open to a move to get the starting place he needs as chilwell is playing every week.

6.) 12 Jun 2019
12 Jun 2019 15:13:09
Sorry DJC, I see your point now, getting old mate.