21Jun 2024 22:29:35
Hey all hope your all well been a while. I remember last coming on here arguing about crap player while fighting relegation now look we are doing deals with Juventus and Chelsea. FFP won't be a issue as we are buying there lbk and there bidding for duran which helps ffp I reckon it will be the same price. So champions league to look forward to plus one the greatest managers of all time really is a exciting time to be a Villa fan we have amazing owners. Any way god bless you all UP THE VILLA

1.) 22 Jun 2024
21 Jun 2024 23:51:56
Well that’s a shocker .

2.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 00:30:07
Are you out on parole again Walkies? ?

3.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 07:08:17
Welcome back Walkies ?? ?


4.) 22 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 10:31:27
Hey walkies, remember be good lol