02 Jun 2022 16:59:19
Neil Critchley replaces Michael Beale, can we all relax now :-)

1.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 17:09:57
Is this announced or rumours

2.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 17:12:02
BK,Do you know anything about Neil Critchley? IMHO First team coach is *the* most important role at a football club. How often do you wonder why a team packed full of talent under-performs or conversely a team punches above their weight? It has to be the tactics, motivation and training. Granted you need quality start with, but there is more to it than that.

3.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 17:24:44
Very good coach Villa56, I'm delighted with this appointment - We need to trust the club, under the current owners I don't recall them letting us down too often :-)

4.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 17:58:25
The jury is out, but I am heartened that you know a bit about him, and encouraged that at least we seemed to have a plan.

5.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 18:11:17
Big man, definitely real as announced on AVFC site.

6.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 18:16:29
Agreed BK. Most of us knew absolutely zero about Beale before he came here, many spent most of the back end of the season criticising the team performance only to then have a meltdown that one of the main coaches has left.
The club are acting in an admirable, professional and measured way and I'm sure they've done their homework on this one too.

7.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 18:20:11
Villa56 Neil Critchley has a UEFA Elite level badge. One of only 16 coaches world wide that have that badge.

8.) 02 Jun 2022
02 Jun 2022 18:51:14
Just stepped down from managing Blackpool and they've just had a pretty tidy season. As long as he's not waiting for another managerial role then it's a bit of a coup.