19 May 2022 20:50:33
Slow predictable crap, Watkins can't control a simple ball, if i hadn't got my grandsons with me, i would have walked out at half time

1.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 22:15:00
22 attempts, I’ve seen us play worse, finishing is a big problem, can’t wait till traore is gone, we’d be better with 10 men. Pope is an unbelievable keeper, Burnley would be relegated weeks ago without him. ready for this season to finish and see what the summer brings, we need lots of work

2.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 22:20:41
Remember where we was 5 years ago? Brink of administration and we are now back in the PL Jesus wept.

3.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 22:53:33
Anyone who sees this as success is deluded,the money we have spent is ridiculous, to finish just above the relegation candidates is nothing short of failure.

4.) 19 May 2022
19 May 2022 23:39:45
Carney is possible one of the worse players with so much hype I have ever seen in my life. Thinks he is way better than he his we played that game with 10 men while he was on the pitch. No point having all that possession and doing nothing with it. However pope made some fantastic saves. Onto next season with stevie g and couthino we could be a very attractive club for some.

5.) 20 May 2022
20 May 2022 00:49:04
Have to agree, Carney wasn't good. Thought the atmosphere in the stadium tonight was a bit flat.the most noise came at half time for the remberance piece, which was good and quite right. We lacked width in the final 3rd until 75th minute. I'd like to see us play 4-2-1-3 next season and ask Cash to practice his crossing!

6.) 20 May 2022
20 May 2022 01:41:25
Zero point reading anything into recent performances. We have nothing to play for and it's almost certain some players know they're playing their last games for Villa. As annoying as it is, our players have been on the beach for the last few weeks.
Carney is a high potential rookie. Nothing more. No point jumping on the bandwagon because he hasn't committed with a contract and saying he's rubbish. He's a kid. He's got potential to be good, but isn't yet. Watkins is good but not elite. We've spent money but had to and have gone from mid table championship to mid table in the prem with players that other teams want, if we decide to sell. A much better situation than we could've hoped for just a few years ago. No serious fan is claiming 'success', just progression and perspective.
Calm down, enjoy the summer and enjoy what is likely to be an exciting transfer window.