27 Apr 2022 14:15:03
From £350,000 a year to £3,500,000 a year, what a fabulous pay rise JJ, i'm sure money won't change his ability i just hope it inspires him to bigger and better things, I think he has just stumbled a bit lately but still has a great future at the Villa well done JJ.

1.) 27 Apr 2022
27 Apr 2022 21:01:08
Big future ahead of him, well deserved new contract, he will only get better and better - Apart from Grealish he's maybe the best academy player I can recall in my time following Villa? Or am I forgetting some players?

2.) 27 Apr 2022
27 Apr 2022 21:47:26
Lee Hendrie!

3.) 27 Apr 2022
27 Apr 2022 21:49:18
Jack is undoubtedly the best but we have had some decent youngsters come through the ranks if you are talking about purely local lads Hendrie and Agbonlahor spring to mind I think Vassell and Albrighton were local too

4.) 28 Apr 2022
28 Apr 2022 00:29:39
Did Gareth Barry not come through the academy or Delph?

5.) 28 Apr 2022
28 Apr 2022 00:55:49
As one as the ones mentioned we also had Bannan, clark, baker, whittingham, Cahill, Steven Davis, ridgewell, gardener, Weimann and loads I probably can’t think of.

I’ve noticed overt the years that for the most part our kids are either massively overhyped and then don’t live up to it and fade away OR they’re under appreciated/used and sold off for pence to go on and be successful elsewhere.
Cahill is probably the most notable example but there have been quite a few!

6.) 28 Apr 2022
28 Apr 2022 00:57:59
Barry did (we signed from Brighton as a kid if I remember) but Delph came from Leeds and was playing for Leeds when we signed him, he just joined the youth ranks initially and was plagued with injuries I think.

7.) 28 Apr 2022
28 Apr 2022 01:53:54
I think we bought Barry from Brighton and Delph from Leeds if memory serves, Barry perhaps spending a year or so at the club before making his debut but Delph going pretty much straight into the first team squad.a little bit older at the point of joining I think.

8.) 28 Apr 2022
28 Apr 2022 16:55:46
Yeah, Delph came from Leeds and In sure we got Barry from another academy?