12 Sep 2021 16:28:01
For me I'd play konsa and hause at cb, mings is the David James at cb he's no where near England class, yet alone be villa captain konsa makes him look good, captain should be mgginn, konsa, or emi martinez in my opinion.

1.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 16:38:46
I agree. He had counciling for being crap you don't get that with others.

2.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 16:57:00
He didn’t have counselling for being crap, he had it for mental health issues, probably not the sort of thing you should be taking the piss out of.

3.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 18:00:56
It wasnt mental health issues he said its because fans saying his rubbish an he needed counciling to get over it! Mental health problems isn't that at all schizophrenia depression that's mental health issues not a over paid crap footballer.

4.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 18:12:24
Again, you’re wrong. He’s been open and honest about his mental health issues in the past, even doing an interview with Prince William about it.

Says a lot about you that that’s where you attack, instead of saying he’s crap or he makes too many mistakes, the first place you went was for his counselling. You can see why players don’t talk about these things.

5.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 18:43:52
The England footballer Tyrone Mings has revealed how he struggled with mental health problems at Euro 2020, with a crisis of self-confidence leaving him feeling like 95% of the country had doubts about him. From Sky sports doesn't give a mental health problem just the nation doubted him can you see why with his constant mistakes! there's nothing actually up with him on a form he would write that he was perfectly fine so its rubbish your wrong not me end of!

6.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 18:55:26
As I said, says everything I need to know about you that you’d aim straight at someone’s personal struggles, at one of your own team aswell.

“Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health: Tyrone Mings opens up on his personal struggles in this BBC One Documentary, also featuring Frank Lampard and Joe Hart, The film will also tell the stories of men from across the country who have been affected by mental health issues. ” aired May 2020, 12 months before the euros.

{Ed001's Note - I think it is time he took a break. I had to delete one post from him that was offensive and he clearly has no empathy for others. The exact kind of person that helps perpetuate mental health problems with his pathetic attitude.}

7.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 19:10:30
I think you’re right Ed, everyone can have differing views on football etc but the way he’s gone about this with Mings has shown everything you need to know about his character.

{Ed001's Note - I think so too. He was given a chance to think about what he was saying and just doubled down on it, so clearly he is happy to abuse his own team's players. Then he wonders why footballers suffer from mental health problems!}

8.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 19:16:29
And it’s this sort of mentality that stops players coming out and talking about it!

{Ed001's Note - exactly! And not just players, people in general. Then knobheads like him will wonder why the suicide rate amongst young males is so high.}

9.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 21:32:44
The trouble with him he don't think before he types. Some people you can educate and some you can't!

{Ed007's Note - He's lucky I'm in my bed on my tablet or he would be facing a heavy dressing down & rant from me, that level of pig ignorance in this day and age is as sad as it is shocking.}

10.) 13 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 23:24:44
That is the new man Walkies. When he came back, he couldn’t wait to tell us, he was a changed man . Leopards and spots, comes to mind . Three identities and still the same idiot .

11.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 01:42:43
He was gone off this page for a long time, I have to say I didn’t miss his rubbish posts 1 bit, fair play Ed and I for one hope it’s a lengthy ban.

12.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 06:16:37
WTW= Witless Talking Wonder.

13.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 06:45:53
WTW is entitled to his opinion I think some of you may be forgetting thaslating him when he can’t answer back especially the Witless Talking Wonder comment.
As for Mings overrated not good enough and thinks he’s better than he actually is especially since becoming an international.
He needs to go back to basics concentrate on his football and stop being distracted by other things as well the chip on his shoulder and his massive ego.

14.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 08:53:08
Glad we all agree gents?.

15.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 10:10:21
If my comment was inappropriate then I’m sure that it wouldn’t have appeared on the site, and judging from the Ed’s comments yesterday, they would be inclined to agree with me.
If you don’t KV, then I can only assume he must be a mate of yours, and I could therefore understand you leaping to his defence.
It is because of such dribble that some excellent posters have left this site, Flackie springs to mind immediately.
As for Tyrone we’re 4 games into the season and already the knives are out. Yes he made a mistake, but he has publicly put his hands up and admitted that, and has even apologized to his teammates and the fans. If he was as consistently bad as some people think, then I doubt he would have broken into the England setup in the first place. I don’t necessarily rate Southgate as a manager but he surely knows a thing or two about defending and those who have the qualities to defend.
He was after all a defender himself.
Dean Smith has seen enough in Tyrone to appoint him our captain and criticism to the extent that I have recently read, is in my opinion also a criticism of the manager and indeed the hierarchy of the club, who have the faith in the manager’s ability to make the correct decisions.
I would just add that as a back 3, none of them appeared very comfortable with it, which is hardly surprising as it is something new to them. That doesn’t mean to say that it can’t work but let’s give them a chance to adjust to it before wading in with the heavy criticism.

16.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 11:49:14
Couldn’t agree more mark, none of them looked comfortable. Mings seems to split opinion, a man and as our captain, I love him, stands for what he believes in and puts the club and his team mates first. First game of the season we saw Watford’s forwards bully both Mings and Konsa, yet no one would mention Konsa’s name, I couldn’t understand it.

As a player, I think Mings is more than good enough for a mid table premier league side, I have doubts whether he can take the next step, but I’m not watching him day in day out, so I trust Smith and the coaching staffs judgement a lot more than my own. Criticisms of players on the pitch, their performance etc is perfectly fine to me, but aiming straight at someone’s personal problems, whether it be health, mental health, appearance, family etc it’s all bang out of order and for me tells you everything you need to know about someone.

17.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 13:59:15
He’s being spouting rubbish and making up complete lies here for a few years now, we all know what he’s about at this point.
And kingvilla your right he is entitled to his opinion, only thing is that nobody on here wants to hear it hence why most of his posts are ignored by 90 odd % of people who post here.

18.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 12:00:30
There’s so much I could add to this thread as I have lived 30+ years of my life with a mother with ‘real’ mental health problems (schizophrenia or bi polar or whatever they’re calling it now).