09 Sep 2021 22:16:19
Just read in the birmingham mail about a little boy whos a villa fan has got a plastic leg now he was born with a disease made 1 leg bigger than the other jack new him from his time at villa an looked after him eg meeting him getting him vip access. Now his at city the boys got a plastic leg now an jack commented an said the boys a legend let's make him a mascot he was on about Villa its still his club. So all the idiots calling him joe completly disrespecting him and forgetting wverything he done maybe they should lay off now! The man deserves respect! UTV fairplay Jack respect nice gesture!

1.) 10 Sep 2021
10 Sep 2021 06:45:28
Whos Jack?

2.) 10 Sep 2021
10 Sep 2021 07:51:28
Let’s all move on we have other players who want to be Villa hero’s so let’s just support them.

3.) 11 Sep 2021
11 Sep 2021 09:46:21
Judas also did good things ??.