04 Aug 2020 12:39:04
I wonder what are the odds of Jack moving to the scousers? - if it did happen, might suit us both, I'd take origi, and try and loan some of their younger players, brewster springs to mind, and as for us needing a quality winger why not loan in shaqiri, can score and play midfield as well, you never know!

1.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 13:34:21
Don’t think he will go to the scousers would spend more time warming the bench than in the team.

2.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 13:49:55
someone on here said sell jack and championship here we come imo true.

3.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 14:22:13
If the owners are true to there word ie won’t sell for less than £80million that plus the money they have said they will invest I think if invested properly we will do more than just survive.

4.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 15:02:35
Villajk, I know who it is that said championship here we come, and to be honest what a load of tosh that is.
If what you are saying were true, we might just as well wave the white flag and give up mate.
Jack Grealish is a decent player yes, but he is not Aston Villa, we have been a good side before him, and we can be a good side without him.
You and a few more have an obvious obsession for him, why I haven`t the foggiest idea.

5.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 15:34:54
Agree dave he's good but he's know, platt, little, Atkinson, Yorke, and Ashley Young all of them world class jack needs to do way more for me, his 2nd half of the season wasn't great thou but if he stays and we get more quality like benerama, and quality mid and 2 strikers he would be much better.

6.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 18:29:07
Villadave only one better Little, have seen then all, all those played in good villa teams, had good managers, jack has to carry the team, imo.

7.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 18:52:33
Dave you seem to get very touchy when anyone has an opposing opinion on Grealish than you. You’ve told every man and there dog for the last 4 years At every oppertunity how average you think he is and how you want us to get rid of him. That’s fine, your opinion and your entitled to it.

Doesn’t mean if people think he’s a decent player and our best at that, you can attempt to belittle them, claim they are obsessed with him and exaggerate how much they rate him.

I said without him hello championship, why? Because he’s our best player, 10 goals and 6 assists this season, without that we are relegated. So how can the opinion that if you take that away next year we will be relegated, a load of tosh? Because it’s not your opinion? What happened the last time we sold our best player, Benteke? It’s an opinion, an educated one on what he gives us as a team, how much it would cost to replace that and what has happened in similar situations in the past.

No one is obsessed with him, Villa was here a long time before him and will be here a long time after him. But not wanting to sell your best player and worrying that without them you may struggle, shouldn’t leave people not wanting to share there opinions because your going to jump down their throat.

8.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 19:57:14
Your at it again chris trying to make out you are the good guy.
I do not Jump down peoples throats, are you for real chris.
Do you want my opinion on this site or not, do you want me to agree with everything that is said about a player I don`t` rate as highly as you.
It looks like you are trying manipulating things again mate, you have done it before on here, making out I am being vindictive.
I am not touchy, its my opinion, what's that got to do with being touchy.
And its not at every opportunity, its when I have something to say about what somebody else has said.
yes he is our best player, I have never said the contrary, I just don't think he is as good as some people do.
For the record I am not trying to belittle anyone.

9.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 20:19:59
In terms of the Grealish debate is he our best player yes could he play at a higher level without a doubt if we sold and we weren’t able to afford to re invest then I would agree we would be on our way to the championship however if our owners keep to there word invest the £80 million we get for him plus the supposed £100 million already set aside for transfers that gives us a kitty of £180 million so we lose Jack but have enough to buy 5 to 6 quality premier league players that plus Mings Luiz Konsa and McGinn would I suggest make us very competitive and keep us out of a relegation battle. Whilst you site Benteke’s sale and our subsequent relegation if you go back a little further to when we sold David Platt we built a competitive team signing the likes of Townsend, Richardson, Atkinson, Saunders, Staunton and Teale and not long after we finished runners up in the Premier league we can survive and thrive if and it is by no means certain we lose Jack and by the way I am in favour of keeping him even if it is just for one more season.

{Ed002's Note - And FFP?}

10.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 20:43:33
Thank you John, and that`s my only point, its not the end of the world.
We could become a better side, if he moved.

11.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 20:44:31
Ffp right like you always keep going on about il believe it when it comes out our chaiirmens mouth or our owners the 1s who know what is going on because there at the club, and plus if we were going to be hit by ffp it would of happened by now, plus it's flawed anyway city clearly cheated and got away with 8million fine, why a fine when you have done nothing wrong, anyway I trust the owners they know what they are doing, I'm sure you like just winding us villa fans up.

{Ed002's Note - Keep sharing the ignorance.}

12.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 20:48:07
Ed I have to confess I am not all that au fait with everything ffp but a lot of clubs seem to spend a lot of money with no ffp impact at all Leicester for example spent heavily last summer so what’s the difference as with all due deference to Leicester I don’t see them having as large a turnover as us. I may well be missing something hopefully someone can put me right.

{Ed002's Note - FFP have earned money. Aston Villa sold the stadium to try and cover up the previous year’s problem before going on their last spending spree.}

13.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 20:52:25
No ones trying to make the victim, just highlighting the way you go on around the Grealish debate. You told Villajohn above that he has an obsession with Grealish simply because he agreed with an opinion that if we sold him we’d likely get relegated, and opinion that you also called tosh. That’s belittling people for their opinion, you do it anytime grealish is mentioned.

I don’t know what your going on about manipulating things, just tried to highlight how you come across when giving your opinion on the grealish debate and the way you speak about opposing opinions on the matter, the proof is there in any thread discussing the matter. nothing needs to be manipulated. You don’t need to claim people are obsessed with a player simply because you don’t rate them, you don’t need to say other people’s opinions are tosh simply because it’s not the same as yours.

As for making myself a good guy, do me a favour😂 It’s words on a screen, lads discussing football, no ones a good guy or a bad guy.

14.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 21:05:26
We will see Ed you know best after all you do know everything you might aswell be on the board the amount times you tell people they will be no spending and all that bs, it's all you go on about 😂😊😂😂😂😂.

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps you should read what I have written. You clearly don’t understand FFP, you certainly do not understand anything about the Aston Villa finances, and you don’t seem concerned that the club sold the ground. The major asset has GONE. You might want to find somewhere else to share your inane nonsense - it is not wanted here.}

15.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 21:11:29
Ed maybe it’s me but do not the likes of Man City Man Utd and Liverpool spend well beyond the income the club generates with apparent impunity therefore I don’t understand why we will fall foul of ffp when others do not. I am not trying to be awkward I just want to understand and what the impact of selling Villa park has on that.

{Ed002's Note - No, Those clubs have to work within FFP or they get punished like Birmingham for example. Everton and Aston Villa have FFP issues.}

16.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 21:20:23
I never mentioned John has any obsession, your seeing things mate.
I happen to think John is a very good poster, and agree with him on most of his posts.
So we are here again, you have a short memory mate, you have upset a couple of posters before, and you must have the last word.
I am finished with it mate, I am not getting involved, so you can have the last word.

17.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 21:20:52
This is a good thread it's got about 3 different topics in it🤣🤣.

18.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 21:30:37
😂😂😂😂😂😂 love it Daz.

19.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 21:53:12
My mistake, just looked quickly, not John, another poster, it’s there in black and white, “You and a few more have an obvious obsession for him”.

You seem to be bringing in a lot of random things that have no relevance, if I have upset poster before, so be it, I suppose your an angel mate. You have tried to belittle people in this thread for their opinion, it’s been called out and you’ve changed subject, made it quite personal and threw your toys out the pram. Maybe a look in the mirror is needed, last time something like this happened with you, you blamed everyone else, played the victim, gave a big speech about leaving then came back two days later. Back then I was just reading however if this is what you needed to understand people have different opinions to you, and that’s ok, and you don’t need to try to mug them off and get sly digs in on them for it, then I’m happy to have been involved🤝 You’re welcome btw.

20.) 04 Aug 2020
04 Aug 2020 22:10:14
Folks we all care deeply about the Villa and we all have views which can differ from time to time but nothing is worth falling out over let’s just agree to differ.

21.) 05 Aug 2020
05 Aug 2020 20:13:59
A simple answer to the stadium sale is that it could have been for tax reasons.
Many companies such as the one I work for have other companies which own the property and lease to the main company.
Until anything actually comes up I will trust what the club are doing and the fact there is no current investigation.
Unless you work within the FA or the Villa accounting department Ed, why are you all knowing and is ignorant? Unless you start revealing actual evidence then you're a stirrer and nothing else.

{Ed002's Note - You are making this up - it was to try and avoid the FFP the owners have. It is like some sort of joke that you have these extreme levels of ignorance.}

22.) 06 Aug 2020
06 Aug 2020 13:39:19
I see another post deleted because you didn't like it.
Show evidence or stop insulting peoples intelligence. Making an assumption based on one transaction is not proof and does not make other people idiots or ignorant.

{Ed002's Note - I have not made any assumptions based on this. You are simply ignorant of the situation and scratching around and making up stuff - which is beyond embarrassing. It would be impossible for me to insult your intelligence.}