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19 Jul 2022 18:26:56
Apparently Chuky wants £100k per week? Good bye and Good riddance, money grabbing little *£$ t. Fair play to the club for leaving him at home when the squad went to Oz. We cannot be held to ransom from someone with potential, but that's all at the present time!

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21 Jul 2022 08:17:12
There is an interesting article on the MOM’s site that analysis this and concludes it is all his agents doing.

21 Jul 2022 16:20:16
This thing about Chukwuemeka is getting to be a nonsense and the latest utterances being either attributed to him or his agent is he has no intention of signing a new contract with us and that’s fine, in which case we have no intention of playing him and he plays no football at any level until his contract expires.We may lose some money but a relatively small amount but someone has to make a stand against this type of behaviour, and let’s see if Madrid, Barcelona et al are as interested after 12 months of inactivity and even if they are I’m sure they won’t be paying £100k a week.

22 Jul 2022 08:35:54
Sky Sports reporting this morning that Chucky has no intention of signing a new deal at Villa Park, and Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund are monitoring the situation. What is there to monitor - just make a sensible offer and you can have him. I’m sure his undoubted fluency in both Spanish and German will stand him in good stead ??

22 Jul 2022 10:12:35
I am a bit of a vindictive individual when people aren’t prepared to be reasonable and either Chukwuemeka or his agents don’t appear to be being reasonable, so for me unless the bid was in the millions which given his contract situation I don’t think anyone will pay, then I would completely freeze him out I wouldn’t play him at any level, if England want him I would make him unavailable for selection and I would get him training on his own. I know this won’t happen due to the economics in football but you have to find some way of redressing the balance between player and club, if the club do nothing what’s to stop another talented kid doing the same thing?

22 Jul 2022 20:11:45
Just a couple of thoughts… don’t think in recent times that Haaland who was a goal machine back when he was 18 was getting that kind of money so why should Chucky get £100K for scoring exactly 0 and passing sideways and backwards? Is his brother still on our books too? Don’t think his stance is going to do his brother any favours either, should be ashamed of himself, bye bye, loan him to the Nose for all I care ?


22 Jul 2022 22:39:54
Agree with the above, but I’m old and somewhat irrational - like LOTI. If we can’t sell him on at the right price, put him straight into the first team and see if he sinks or swims ? ??

23 Jul 2022 10:03:21
Since AC Milan have now also reportedly joined the Chucky fan-club, I can only assume it’s his agent punting big-name clubs to a gullible media in the hope that one of them will eventually take the bait. Tiresome ?

23 Jul 2022 19:41:01
I didn’t realise his ‘agent (s)’ are basically his Dad and Uncle. ??

23 Jul 2022 22:36:29
Here’s an idea… let him go for £5-10M with a sell on clause, the clubs who want him obviously want to profit from him in any future sale like how Dortmund will with Bellingham where they’ll double maybe even treble what they paid for him, if Chucky turns out to be a flop we’ve got that £5-10M and someone else is paying his wages while he gets there instead of us, win win ??‍♂️


24 Jul 2022 09:28:20
Ally, that makes perfect sense economically and I am sure if we sell him that’s what the club will do, but at some point the clubs have got to make a stand against players making outrageous demands. Chukwuemeka has come up through the ranks anything we lose therefore is minimal so let’s leave him with no football at all for 12 months, it sends a message to other talented young players that Villa won’t be messed about and whilst ideally everyone wants a deal if his wage demands were reasonable and the club said no then fair enough everyone goes there separate ways with no hard feelings but come on an 18 year old yet to establish himself as a first team regular demanding £100,000 a week that’s outrageous and he needs to be brought down a peg or two and maybe just maybe Gerrard is the guy to do it.



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