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05 Jul 2021 00:11:30
Hi Ed, I've seen an article saying we have bid for Tammy, I want to believe it but I'm thinking it would be more out there on all the headlines if we did, do you think there's much chance of it happening?
Also ESR rumours not going away, likelihood of arsenal accepting if we come with a third bid of around 35 ish mill? How bad do they want funds to go and spend on their own squad.?
Finally have you heard of us having concrete interest in anyone who the tabloids or our own posters haven't picked up on yet?
Cheers 👍.

{Ed002's Note - (a) Aston Villa have informed Chelsea that they are interested in Tammy Abraham, as have others, but I don't think there has been a bid just yet. (b) Aston Villa are certainly interested in ESR and Arsenal are certainly in need of selling players but I doubt Arsenal will want to sell him as there are plenty of others they want to let go of first. So it is possible rather than probable.}

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05 Jul 2021 08:47:52
A reported £32 million bid going in for ESR for me personally think this is a lot of money for a unproven PL player surely that could be spent on a more experienced player in his position? I've not seen him play so to be honest so I can't really comment on his ability.

{Ed077's Note - ESR has some PL experience. He did play around 2 dozens games in the PL for Arsenal last season.

Didn't you pay a similar fee for someone with actual no PL experience last season, for Watkins? And it didn't turn out that bad now, has it?

05 Jul 2021 09:03:25
Can’t understand why we are after someone for that Number 10 role when most agree we’d benefit from an out and out defensive midfielder. We have 3 player who can play that number 10 role adequately, we have arguably one player who could play that defensive midfield role to about premier league survival level, on current evidence.

Hope we end up getting someone for this position.

05 Jul 2021 09:48:59
I have a mate who is a Newcastle fan and apparently he has heard a premiership side has made an enquiry about Saint Maximin he knows we are looking for a wide man and is putting two and two together and coming up with five he is assuming we are that club, it would be really good if that were the case however I doubt very much that is the case.

05 Jul 2021 10:05:15
Very true Ed we did but Watkins was a proven goal scorer in the Championship and for me was worth a punt but ESR for me is going to be more of a gamble I feel. As I said I've not seen him play so I can really say much on the guy and as Chris has said we are awash with attacking players at the moment unless Grealish goes.

{Ed077's Note - ESR did impress for Huddersfield (?) in the Championship and has done well for Arsenal too. Whether an AM is of real need for AV or not might depend on the summer business.

05 Jul 2021 13:32:07
I think an AM is a must for Villa this summer. Our biggest issue is ball retention, we need more players who are comfortable in possession and can take the ball in tight situations like Grealish, the top teams all have this ability. ESR has a lot of similar traits to Grealish in this respect so I can understand why we are pushing hard to sign him, he also has the ability to play wide if needed during a match so Villa would have amazing flexibility and movement with Grealish, ESR and Buendia behind Watkins. Not to mention pressing. I can't see it happening but if it does, it takes Villa to another level in my opinion.

05 Jul 2021 14:33:35
I am in Chris’s camp I don’t really think an AM should be top of our priority list, I don’t know why we don’t push McGinn into a more attacking role similar to where he plays for Scotland and push the boat out and try to land either Bissouma or Berge.

05 Jul 2021 15:26:58
Its a Defensive mid for me as well, as chris has said, I think the majority were asking for this type of player for a long time.
We need someone who has the class, someone to stamp his mark on a position we have been no better than average in for ages.
I think if our next bid for ESR fails we should forget it, and try and get Axel back in as well.

05 Jul 2021 18:14:29
I think the signing of an ESR type will help hugely from a defensive perspective though lads, as will Buendia. Both capable of playing an agressive press but unlike last year, when we win the ball we will be able to keep it. I think we will sign a DMF as well by the way but understand why an AMF is priority for Smith.

05 Jul 2021 18:32:42
I get what you are saying BK, I was always complaining at our lack of ball retention.
It was coming back at us far too often and easily, consequently we were always defending, so yes totally agree mate.
But I think with Buendia helping Jack (if he stays) we are more than capable of holding the ball up, we are better than we used to be.
Watkins needs to have an outlet, he can`t do it all on his own, so I am hoping he will now have that.

05 Jul 2021 18:40:33
If ESR is the priority at the expense of bringing in a proven quality DM, there could be a solution if we go in for Axel as back up for Konsa and Mings.
I think Axel has all the attributes to become an effective DM.
I remember reading a lot of talk suggesting Konsa could also make a quality DM a while back also.
However there’s every chance we could get Axel if MU succeed in getting Varane, and if we do why not try him in that DM role while our first choice centre backs are fit.
A lot of ifs in there I know but you never know Axel could end up being our Bissouma. He would be a lot cheaper and would be always available to play the centre back role if needed.

05 Jul 2021 19:11:42
Hi Mark, hope all is good mate.
Totally with you on Axel, like I say we should concentrate on getting him in, we need him either way.
How about Young as a DM, can tackle, can pass, has good vision, he could give us 12 months while we find a gem.

05 Jul 2021 19:16:45
If we want an attacking midfielder how about Coutinho apparently Barcelona are prepared to let him go for £21 million, he supposedly wants to come back to the premiership, he is proven at this level, adds experience and the prospect of Grealish, Coutinho, and Buendia would in my opinion be very exciting. In reality he probably would want a higher profile club but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

05 Jul 2021 19:35:40
Definitely worth trying Young also Dave, perhaps doesn’t have the pace and aerial ability that Axel has though but has tons of experience.
Coutinho would be great John, still got a few more quality years in him I would imagine, by which time the likes of Chukwuemeka will be good and ready to take over.

05 Jul 2021 21:26:29
Thanks Ed 👍
Guys I’m not sure a DM is on smiths agenda this year tbh we have marvellous and Doug, marvellous has proved himself with his defensive side when given the chance (I know his distribution is not so good as Doug but putting better players around him is going to give him more options) I think Doug will play that role against the lesser teams and marvellous will play against the teams who will pin us back more. matic is a player I wouldn’t say no to, would come cheap and very handy to bring on when we need to hold out for a result.
Lots of talk about winks but our current midfield mauled him when we played spuds at the end of the season I can’t say I’d like him in a villa jersey.
tbh I think if we want an upgrade in that position it’s going to cost 40+ mill and I just don’t see it being spent this year in that position, smith won’t take maginn out of the team if he signs ESR so he has to find a space for him also.



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