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27 Apr 2021 07:55:32
Dean Smith years:
1st year promotion
2nd year stay in PL
3rd year mid table in PL
This man and his team have gave us our Villa back. Facts youngest team and one of the smallest squads in the PL. Best season in God knows how many years.3rd best defense in PL. Youth set up getting better and better. CV outbreak this season ruined momentum. All these and there are many more facts which I'm sure MOST are aware of have bode us well this season. Remeber the deadly Doug era sacking a manager for the sake of it well I'm afraid with these owners it's not going to happen we have our best manager in years and some have the audacity to question his judgement? Dean Smith along with his backroom staff for me are doing wonders so what if performances are not as good we are now in a position as a club to move to season 4 with hope and optimism with the right blend of youth and experience from this season we will move to the next level. Rwmeber the 5 year plan well we are 1 year ahead of ourselves. And just to quote the Spurs manage on Sunday" We are 5 years behind Man C" This is a Spurs side who have been in the PL for god knows how many years. Sacking ain't the answer we need to all be singing off the same hymn sheet and like someone said on here a bad apple ( Barkley) could be our downfall imagine what 500 bad apples would do. IN DEAN I TRUST.

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27 Apr 2021 08:53:28
I’m absolutely with you Daz when assessing a manager it should be over an extended period of time not 3-4 months and as you say his track record over the 2 -3 years he has been in charge is good. I agree we are ahead of schedule based on the plan developed by NSWE when they took over, and given the money I am confident based on the signings he has made up to now that future investment will be good and that we will kick on again next season. We know changing managers regularly doesn’t work we have done that often enough, we have tried putting up and coming managers in charge (Paul Lambert) and that didn’t work, let’s hold our nerve and show some confidence in one of our own. God forbid we have someone like Bruce or Mourinho in charge.

27 Apr 2021 08:59:09
Thank you John.

27 Apr 2021 16:42:41
Daz, you are correct in what you say, and I have a great belief that we will continue to improve.
I want Deano to succeed as much as anyone, and I will support him if I think he is doing the right things.
However having said all that, If I think players are not performing, and our form is suffering, I will say so.
Would people rather I said all was great, when in truth our results are showing that is not the case.
In my opinion team selection is showing uncertainty, and a lack of confidence in our back up.

27 Apr 2021 17:02:34
Good posts Daz and John. I haven’t always agreed with some of Deano’s line ups, substitutions, reluctance to try some of the youngsters etc., but I wholeheartedly agree we should stick with him.
To be a top 6 side, we need to have a much stronger squad. When Deano’s got that, I have every confidence we will be.
With the current squad, I doubt there’s a manager out there who would have got us higher than a mid-table finish.

27 Apr 2021 17:14:00
But we have Jack tho, so surely top 2 is guaranteed? 🤔😁.

27 Apr 2021 18:21:51
In response to Dave I agree performances haven't been as good of late and yes team selection sometimes are questionable but this is why he is paid the money to do a job for us which I believe he has done so with great effort. People say why don't he play 2 up top and I believe the reason he hasn't is because all season we have had only 2 fit strikers imagine if 1 got injured that would leave us with 1 fit striker it don't take a rocket scientist to work that out mate. As for the youth playing Ramsey has come on this season and he has given some a taste of the 1st team set up. I think next season you will see a couple of our youth team getting their chance but as all managers know you can't play 2 or 3 as that would weaken the side so much. Take the Liverpool game for instance that youth team played well but faltered in the end against a side when let's face it have struggled this season. All in all I think its been a great season and here's to next season when Deano should be judged.

27 Apr 2021 18:22:24
Hahaha Moose love it.

27 Apr 2021 18:26:42
And to Mark i'm so glad we didn't get into Europe this season our squad is nowhere near good enough nor big enough to compete in 4 competitions. Hopefully next season we can push on that little but further and build further.

27 Apr 2021 18:51:36
Thank you Daz, in your first two lines, you have agreed with what I am saying.
Performances haven't been as good of late, and team selection is sometimes very questionable.
Ok so change things, mix things up a bit, try something new.
So why is it different for you to say exactly the same thing mate.

27 Apr 2021 19:25:07
Dave, please name a manager in the Premier League (or anywhere) who has majorly changed their system and selections based on a run of iffy form.
Managers have their ideas and they stick by them. We can disagree with them but other managers can't be better in that regard when they don't do it either.
Other managers may have a system which works better for certain teams, may have better training methods or get their ideas across better or the big one, just have better players who've played together for a longer period of time.

27 Apr 2021 19:33:14
I to would like to see some of the youngsters given a chance before the seasons end to gauge progression and I guess in some ways influence the transfer targets for next season. My worry is with the likes of Elmo, Engels, Taylor, Lansbury, Hourihane, Heaton, Nakamba, Trez, and El ghazi will be moved on, we will upgrade a number of those positions, that being the case the opportunities for our youngsters will be less than it is now, and I wonder whether the plan will be to loan a significant number of them out to give them experience of league football if not then as others have said we run a real risk of losing these talented kids particularly if they see no path to first team football with Villa.

27 Apr 2021 19:56:51
With all due respect Dave and please don't take this the wrong way there is saying it and there is repeating it over and over again. As RK has said different games different tactics players Deano has been a PL manager for 2 seasons he is growing along with the team.

27 Apr 2021 20:09:37
Rk I can give you four instances, that contrary to what you are saying would disprove your theory.
Derby twice under Clough, and Leeds twice under Revie, system and formation changed with great results.
Players involved, Davies, Hector and O`Hare for Derby. and Giles, Gray, Yorath and Lorimer for Leeds.
So guys I will let you have your space, what's that saying again, oh yeah
"you can`t teach an old dog new tricks".
Shame really.

27 Apr 2021 20:41:00
So 2 managers who are no longer with us? Very great managers but I was looking for something more in the now as you say he has to learn to change or be replaced by someone who will.
Klopp didn't change his tactics and Liverpool have suffered this season. People have questioned the high line and him not changing tact but is anybody questioning his managerial abilities or suggesting he is on borrowed time because of it?

27 Apr 2021 20:52:39
Yeah Klopp never changed his tactics, that again is my point, you have to change things.
And rk, I have never said Deano needs replacing.

27 Apr 2021 20:56:36
I wonder whether the reluctance to play a different system revolves around the protection the two defensive midfielders provide the back four, we are a lot tighter at the back than last season but that compromises our attacking capabilities, I know at first we produced some stunning results but as all premiership teams do other teams have sussed us out a little bit, that combined with Jack’s injury and Barkley to all intensive purposes going AWOL we have been left woefully short in the creativity department hence we have at times looked average at best. The more I think about it we need at least 1 quality defensive midfielder we could then play McGinn further up the pitch where, as he is for Scotland much more effective than he is for us currently I also think that would give us more options in terms of changing systems.

27 Apr 2021 21:52:48
Brilliant assessment Daz👍.

27 Apr 2021 22:03:16
Dave, I know you haven't said he needs replacing now but you also said he needs to change something or he would need to be.
If the players pick their form back up and we add, as expected, in the summer then would the system and other things still need to change? Smith has seen that the players can go on a good run with how it is. Ripping up the hymn sheet doesn't stop them passing to the advertising hoardings when they get a rush of blood or aren't focusing properly.
Klopp has players out injured and out of form. People suggest the high line isn't helping but a lot of people would also suggest they'd probably still ship goals regardless with the second rate defenders that are having to play.

28 Apr 2021 17:02:05
Rk, if there are new additions in the next window, then things will probably not need changing.
Hopefully any new players we get, will be better than what we have, and be more capable of carrying out their duties.
We have got most of the juice out of what we have, and at times have been found wanting, all I am asking, is realisation that is the case.
And I reiterate I have never asked for Deano`s sacking, I have said he needs the remainder of this season, and next season, fact mate.

As far as Liverpool are concerned I will leave that to my son-in-law, he is the one who is up to speed on their problems.

28 Apr 2021 18:32:15
I was listening to TalkSPORT this afternoon where they were getting into the Arsenal takeover and having a real go at Arteta and in essence asking for his head, what’s that got to do with us I hear you ask, well someone who apparently who follows the NFL and American sport in general said that by and large American owners are generally really reluctant to get rid of coaches/ managers rather they tend to get rid of the players that are not doing it for them. An interesting perspective I thought maybe Deano’s position isn’t as under threat as some journalists would have us believe.

28 Apr 2021 19:39:15
That`s worth a thought John.

28 Apr 2021 22:31:11
Wes Edens basketball team suggedt that also John, they took a young coach and focused on the money moneyball tactic with the players until it clicked. I imagine he's probably the more hands on of the owners with that experience and he's recently done an interview backing the stats based approach.



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