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13 Jan 2021 14:07:44
Galatasary to meet Aston Villa this week to discuss trez going there on loan, just because he's supposedly on their managers shortlist. did u ever hear such rubbish, why would we even entertain any talks of loaning a first team player, news now articles really are the bottom of the barrel reporting.

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13 Jan 2021 17:09:59
I think there may be some validity in this rumour whacky.
Trez has some ties with the guy at Galatasaray, having already worked with him.
this is not the first time this has surfaced, so I would not hold your breath on this happening, if not now possibly the summer.

13 Jan 2021 17:47:36
I might be in a minority but I for one wouldn’t be desperately upset if he leaves I think he works incredibly hard for the team but we need a bit more quality certainly when it comes to finishing and he just doesn’t have it for me I’m afraid.

13 Jan 2021 18:36:27
That’s like saying all the Brentford and Chelsea team have ties to Aston Villa because of dean and JT. villa ain’t loaning trez to anyone, if he’s not in the first 11 he’s the first sub used, he was linked to several Turkish teams in the summer it’s just usual BS articles no substance whatsoever, it would be 1 thing if they were going to buy him u might think ok maybe we want funds to make a purchase but a loan makes no sense when we are struggling for depth. yesterday it was Freddie going to turkey, which maybe had some lvl of believability, they can have Lansbury 😂😂.

13 Jan 2021 19:01:46
That`s fine whacky, if that`s how you see it and you think it`s BS.
I agree with you John, he works hard yes, but my opinion remains the same, very erratic and snatches at everything, needs to calm down.

13 Jan 2021 19:17:19
My main point Dave is if trez is on the bench and we need to take off a winger he’s our best and only option at the minute unless we move Ollie out the wing and bring on Davis which hasn’t worked anytime we have done so but bringing on trez you have a chance of creating something with his pace, and I do agree to a point he does need to calm down a bit he does tend to snatch at things but he also gets in great positions and has scored some very important goals for us, as it stands we need 1 more winger, if he were to leave we need to buy 2 and that certainly won’t happen in January we will be lucky if we get 1 in. I like him to be honest he gives his all and never stops trying, if we had more like him a few seasons back we wouldn’t of gotten relegated, he’s needs more developing but he’s exactly the type of player we want to see wear our jersey.

13 Jan 2021 19:29:56
That was mainly because El Ghazi was not performing, and he always looked disinterested, he has now found another mojo, and we did not have Traore back then either.
Its all about opinions mate, and how we individually see things mate.

13 Jan 2021 21:46:07
I can’t see us getting rid of anyone at the minute without replacement, it would be utter madness. Unlike previous management, Deano and his team aren’t that naïve.



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