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09 Sep 2020 19:37:09
German press reporting, Rachica changed his mind . Villa reported to have made a £22m bid . If that's correct, it's another up your Walkies, Villa got no money HaHa
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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09 Sep 2020 20:46:48
I think someone has put some fuel on the fire Dave.
Realising the options are getting less.

09 Sep 2020 21:01:25
As good as Raschica probably is, he can do one. Probably only wants to come now that no one has come in for him. Would see us only as a stepping stone and be off the first whiff of interest from a top 6 club. The likes of Cash and Watkins can't hide their delight at signing for the Villa, that's the sort of players you want at the club. Furthermore those saying we missed a trick with Frazer, yes we did, the one where he downs tools rather than help his club and teammates in their hour of need. We've had far too many of that ilk over the last few years, time to build a proper team spirit and ethic.

09 Sep 2020 21:35:25
Well said Moose, I totally agree with you.

09 Sep 2020 21:37:09
Call me sentimental but I’d of liked to see lolley coming in but he’s more right sided I think, just another grafter with what seems like a very good attitude.

09 Sep 2020 22:06:09
I’d like Lolley too. and his understanding with Cash could make us really strong down that right hand side.

Re: Rashica. I disagree. I think he could be an unbelievable signing. Can’t blame him for (allegedly) wanting a champions league move if one had come up; King has said the same preferring to go to Utd. If Leipzig are definitively out of the race, and we can sell him on the ambition and vision for the club. he’s the sort of player that would really signal our intent. A message to other players that we mean business, and could take us to another level.

There’s a lot of noise about Benrahma again too. Rashica - Watkins - Benrahma, with Wesley to come back (hopefully stronger and better adjusted to the league) . that’s a hell of a forward line.

09 Sep 2020 22:10:53
I don’t think you are far wrong, Dave. Despite the seeming refreshed interest, Rashica appears to be resisting the move. I can imagine his agent is looking for a deal, but maybe not the player. I would rather stick to players keen to play for the club.

The other winger still being bounced around in the press is Harry Wilson, who is being quoted at being available for only slightly less money.

None of the Norwich boys seem to get a mention.

09 Sep 2020 22:29:47
Lolly and all his family Villa barmy, now he would jump at it . Also he knows how Cash plays, Lolly on the right, Watkins coming in from the left, mouthwatering.

09 Sep 2020 23:01:44
Wow I thought it was just me that liked lolley, you love to see villa boys wearing the jersey they give that bit more you know their heart is in it, not pushed on rashida he don’t look interested I’d prefer someone with less skill and more desire, he reminds me of gazhi looks a proper sulky git.

10 Sep 2020 06:50:51
If they have the right attitude Whack, Lolley could be a good call. Just don't need another Lescott, Richards, Collymore and end of career Agbonlahor, supporters of the club but with a couldn't give a s##t attitude.

{Ed001's Note - more of a problem might be the fact that he suffers from shin splints apparently. He is likely to miss a lot of games due to it, if it even can be cured.}

10 Sep 2020 08:53:32
Cheers for the info Ed, mind you Forrest Gump had splints and it didn't seem to do him any harm 😁😂😂.

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate, having had shin splints myself I know it is bloody painful. An ex of mine was with Chelsea women until she got shin splints, she ended up retiring at 23 because of the pain. It does depend on what the cause is though, as it can just be as simple as the wrong fit on the shoes, but that is unlikely for a footballer as the shoes are normally engineered specially for them after their gait has been watched.}

10 Sep 2020 19:57:47
Lolley was really backed to join us a couple of years ago, but we decided to pursue others. None of those specialist wingers have really convinced.

I am sure Lolley would go down a treat with fans during the summer. 😎.



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