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08 Sep 2020 14:00:12
So. apparently the Watkins deal is almost there (heard that a few times before tho 🤣) . BBC saying it's £28m + add-ons (riding yo £33m) . Huge amount of money, but this for me is THE key signing. If Martinez (GK) and King both arrive for £16m each, that'd be outstanding work imo, and still £25m for another player or two (Edwards and Swift for my liking) .

Mighty concerned about the Guilbert rumours, mind!

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08 Sep 2020 14:08:26
Agree on watkins and matinez mate would b great, I’m not sold on king, I guess he’s better than Davis but it’s a lot of money for goal return, I would rather another younger prospect than king, I’m with u on guilbert I’d hate to see him leave but with the 5 million price tag that’s being touted I don’t believe it for a second, l’quippe talk some serious BS in their stories also, sure most of the players in ligue 1 would b villains by now if you believed them😂😂 who would u like to see coming in at LB guys? We need better cover for sure? .?

08 Sep 2020 14:16:12
More concerned that el ghazi will be a starter we need a winger quick time ⏲.

08 Sep 2020 14:23:24
King will play on the left, and looks like Trez will be starting RW. Or Cash in front of Guilbert. Best thing about King is his experience and brings genuine pace. Goal return last season was poor but he’s had double-figure hauls in the past which is decent from wide areas. Personally, I think he is instead of Benrahma who either wants to stay in London or we can’t afford him the way prices have escalated?

My choice at LB would have been Rico Henry. but Brentford say they won’t sell. Maybe rival Newcastle for Lewis? Bogle just gone to Sheff United would’ve been a good option too. Take Emerson from Chelsea maybe?

08 Sep 2020 14:40:06
Hi all,
Newb here, so very sorry if I get stuff wrong!

Phew to Watkins.
We have heard it before this summer but I cannot remember the BBC putting up such a page for any of the other rumours, so very hopeful on this!

08 Sep 2020 15:13:05
Welcome aboard Musky, good to have you mate.
Yeah, deal nearly done £28 mil + £5 mil add ons, not cheap I know, but if we want him, pay it.

08 Sep 2020 15:48:01
The Watkins saga has been a long and painful journey, but all’s well that end well as Billy S once said.

I agree with most others in regard to King and Martinez. I think there is a set operating budget in there, which is perhaps not as much as reported £100M (who would announce there aggregate spend, I ask you?! ) . That will likely lead to a bit of easing here and there if other deals escalate in order to go through. Perhaps King might be had for a little less than Brewster (still unproven) or Origi, for instance.

If the Watkins deal is sealed, I think we can probably forget Benrahma.

08 Sep 2020 17:23:44
I have mixed feelings re the Watkins deal I like the player but the cost in my opinion is too high particularly if it means sacrificing Benrahma, for me if it was a choice between the two then I would have gone for Benrahma I still hope we get him and if we do then I would invest most of what’s left in the centre forward we need and settle for a cheaper keeper option as Heaton should be available early October A goal scoring centre forward is a must in my opinion.

08 Sep 2020 18:10:36
I agree John. The fee for Watkins is far higher than I would ever have imagined. Brentford certainly are tough negotiators.

Now we are being reported to be keen to take Conor Gallagher on loan from Chelsea, does this suggest Smith/ Lange could be looking to curb their spending in the expectation that King and Martinez deals will go through.

We could be inching towards £80+ million aggregate initial fees, which might to around our ceiling spend for the window. Although perhaps a winger still remains in the equation.

Two or three sales might prove useful, once we know we have our targets.

08 Sep 2020 22:53:42
I’m very happy with Watkins. Think he’s going to be an absolute star. Price doesn’t bother me, just ecstatic to get our number one target! Al the noises are positive on King, and the two of them coming in is a massive upgrade on last season at the top end of the pitch.

And Martinez has apparently rejected Arsenal’s latest contract offer and the Twitter verse is rife with positivity that he’s coming. Arsenal I think have found a replacement (Areola on loan maybe? )

Suddenly, the team is looking really competitive and outlay of £73m on the four suggests there may still be some mileage in the budget to get one of Benrahma / Buendia / Rashica / H. Wilson.

Then a loan for Gallagher makes sense as can’t also get the no. 8 in we wanted, but so long as it’s loan-to-buy, that’s ok. Only position we’d be short is LB.

09 Sep 2020 09:28:46
Unless Brentford ease off on their reported fee demand for Benrahma, I can seeing us look elsewhere.

I am not sure about LB. It seems the Bees are reluctant to sell Henry. Other targets mentioned for that position seem to have gone cold.



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