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02 Sep 2020 19:20:12
Deals taking time as prices are crazy watkins and wilson 20 milion plus lol crazy. Would rather have orgi facts are we have show big ambition but big players don't want to come just yet so we are going for the best in the championship which I don't mind some great players have come from that league.

Would love joe lolly as well Villa fan aswel. definitely need a gk foster would be good or the Arsenal gk i like johnstone as well when he played 4 us.

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02 Sep 2020 19:34:20
WTW Brentford now want £28m for Watkins.

02 Sep 2020 20:13:15
If Brentford keep ratcheting the price up then we should walk away alternative options exist at less money and proven at premiership level. It strikes me that Brentford are taking the mick if Watkins wants to come to us as people are saying he does then he needs to be agitating with his current paymasters, normally I would not advocate that type of behaviour but when a club start messing about re transfers etc then I think it’s fair game for the player to do the same.

02 Sep 2020 20:30:48
If i'm honest, I'd rather we spent £28m on Watkins who can also play as a winger over £20mil on Wilson who does not excite me at all.

02 Sep 2020 20:36:26
100% agree. Spend 55 mill on benhrama and watkins and sack Wilson off. 9 goals gor Bournemouth and part of a relegation team in his late 20s is not going to set the prem alight. Watkins possibly will. Origi or Edouard definitely will. If it was me I would have just stumped up the vast for edouard. He isnworth 2 Wilsons.

02 Sep 2020 20:47:57
I don’t think Wilson will come to us anyway, but if Brentford want £28 million then I think we ought to try for either Origi or Iheanacho who I think is a realistic target particularly as Leicester are supposedly interested in Edouard.

02 Sep 2020 21:34:03
Brentford appear to be taking the proverbial.

They have just moved into a new stadium and bought Toney and are close to purchasing Hack as replacements for Watkins and Benrahma. There is a strong chance they could price themselves out.

Are we in a ‘first to blink’ contest with the Bees hoping we will get too twitchy with the new season soon to begin?

Like others, Wilson does not look good value at, say, £20M and his current £100K monthly salary. One report tonight, via Newsnow, suggests his agent is pushing for £75K.

One the subject of wages, VillaMole on Twitter suggests Romero’s agent is pushing for high £80K salary with MU looking for a £10K fee. We have apparently offer £8K.

All looks very costly. Maybe Origi would be a better bet for a least one forward position. I think Iheanacho might only become available if Leicester sign Paulinho from Braga.

02 Sep 2020 22:40:41
Latest view is that West Ham have stolen a march on us and are now favourites to sign Benrahma if true this to my mind would be a bigger miss than Watkins.

03 Sep 2020 08:10:09
Noticed a couple of comments to suggest:

a) Benrahma isn’t raising as much interest as Brentford had hoped and there maybe a drop in his asking price.

b) Wilson interest is being used as leverage to force the Watkins deal through.

Although, the holding club will publicly suggest they don’t need to sell, I can’t see they will want to hold onto these two players after buying replacements.

If the WHU - WBA deal for Diangana goes through, I agree with John that they are a big threat for the Benrahma deal. Although, by all accounts, Moyes has been told to cut the overall wage bill because the club is under financial pressure.

03 Sep 2020 08:36:58
Both points there AJ are how I see it mate, Wilson seems to be a cover at the minute.

I don’t think West Ham will be a massive threat with Benrahma because of selling Diangana, they didn’t have him last year as he was out on loan so there’s nothing to replace.

03 Sep 2020 09:59:30
I think West Ham may be a threat because they want the really high earners like Anderson, Lanzini and Haller off the books, if they unload any of those guys I think Benrahma wage will be significantly less than any of the above so overall it’s a spend to save package if they can sign him whilst unloading the others they will be happy.

03 Sep 2020 11:45:54
Could well be right Chris.

The suggest of two forwards could well equate to the Brentford pair. Wilson just doesn’t tick the boxes financially and had really only had one successful season (2 years ago), when he pushed through for international honours.

03 Sep 2020 21:35:24
This the same WTW that said Rashica was a done deal and would be announced 3 weeks ago lol
Only sources you’ve got are red and brown by the accuracy of your information 🤣🤣🤣🤣.



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