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11 Aug 2020 21:20:19
Exciting as it is to see us being linked with some very good attacking players, but shouldn't we be concentrating on sorting out our defensive frailties first? -I'm sure we can name players we'd like to come in but for me, I'd be happy if we brought in players with more experience than 'potential', and that goes for attacking players as well, just use this season to get an 'established 'squad that kinda picks itself, a bedrock, hopefully get a mid-table finish and build from there, maybe not that exciting a vision of the coming season, but sometimes boring is good, just ask the wife!

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11 Aug 2020 21:36:51
Its really strange that 82, I was talking with a mate about how Saunders put his side together.
First he made us hard to beat, then he had us venturing further and nicking a game 1 - 0.
He then bought Peter withe, and it was noted he said, that is the final piece of the Jigsaw, Fantastic.

12 Aug 2020 11:50:29
Alright Villadave, that equation is the model any manager with nouse uses which brings success, but for some reason some on here want a quick-fix, or, as one very successful coach calls it-'microwave management! '.

I still don't know what deanos' mission statement is, or what our 'own style of football' is?, but what I do know is when you have a smaller number of squad players (brentford), the team stays largely the same, but when you have a bigger squad (as in us) that's when you see just how good a coach you have, some keep saying look at watkins goal record, he'll be a steal at 25-30 million, and I say that is a massive gamble, or have people forgot about hogan and his fine record at the bees, how did he get on i wonder?

Brentford needed to beat stoke and I think Barnsley? and they would have got promoted, and in both games watkins and benarahma went missing and bottled it, and again at the final at Wembley, both bottled it, say what you like about jack, but at high pressure moments, that's when he and other top quality players handle the pressure CONSISTENTLY, I'd rather take a punt on someone like borini, never a stellar striker but kept the likes of Sunderland up, has just had a great season for verona in Italy and is available for a nominal fee.

I'd take a punt on benteke, you play him week in, week out, watch his confidence return and then the goals, I'd take a punt Billy Sharpe, not premier standard you could say, but he'll nick you 10 + goals a season coming off the bench, and the likes of Wesley could learn a thing or 2 from those seasoned strikers, get in Wilson, on the wing and free kick specialist, and I have always thought all the great teams have a pantomime 'baddy', and for that I'd try morales from rangers.

obviously we all have our own idea on players, but all the ones' I've mentioned have played in top leagues ( and before someone says moreles hasn't, Steven Gerrard has already said he's more than capable), so like i say Dave, get the foundations right and the rest will follow, but this obsession for untested players for massive money is just dumbass behaviour, and the fact deano seems to be going in that direction shows why he is not the right man for the job, tactically he is inept.

I bet he can't name his best defence let alone best squad, the only thing that will save his bacon (though I'd sack deano right now) is bringing in Shakey as his assistant manager, he's lucked in there, maybe lange will unearth some diamonds for us, but I still don't trust deano as a premiership manager, I don't think he has the skill set, but I'm happy to be proved wrong!

12 Aug 2020 12:00:56
Villadave - just a quick point on borini, he'll never be world class but I like him because he keeps trying, at Sunderland he played up front on his todd with no supply line, yep he missed a few but he also scored goals out of nothing due his own hard work and perseverance, and remember he was only just turned 20! - he's now 29 and been on loan at verona from ac milan, where he's been applauded for how well he's done from midfield,

I think his ratio is 1 in 3 games, from what I've seen of him he still chases lost causes and keeps going, and as a supporter you tell me of any of our players you could level that accusation at! -do know what dave.

I love his attitude and with support he has shown just how good he can be, another player who is no good in a rotation system, will never be regarded as a top striker, has no great pace or fancy skills, but you play him week in week out and he has a proven track record of scoring in the premiership is ayoze perez, currently on holidays at Leicester, I'd take a punt on him if he was allowed to play regularly, but again, I'd take a chance on borini, because his attitude might just be infectious!

12 Aug 2020 15:42:01
I will tell you something 82, those are two very good posts mate.
Whatever you have said you have explained your reasons, and well done for that.
I must admit you have converted me on Borini, and with all things said, you have made a very good point about what he could bring us.
As for your first post, although I don`t agree with everything you have said, you have still caused food for thought, and a lot of it makes very good sense.
Said from the heart I think 82, well said mate, good posts.

12 Aug 2020 19:58:15
Cheers for that Dave, now if you could only explain it to the wife that I might have half a chance of getting something half-right I'd be grateful!, whenever I get home from working nights she's always having a cup of tea and chatting with the milkman, he's a great lad really, she tells me our boiler keeps playing up and he's a dab hand at sorting it out, and all he asks is to have a shower after and a cup of tea, like I say Dave, what a nice bloke helping the wife out like that!

12 Aug 2020 22:34:12
Sounds a really helpful guy mate, don`t you just love him.
If I was you 82, I would cancel the milk, and get a new boiler 😂😂
When you have done that, let me know, and we can talk football again.

13 Aug 2020 08:23:48
Lol - cheers Dave, apologies, I've been a bit dim and forgot to ask you your opinion with the alleged 100 million we've got to spend, who would you sell, buy or loan in this summer? -do you give deano free range, or do you have at the back of your mind,10 games or so to prove yourself or do you just keep the faith?

13 Aug 2020 12:22:37
Hi 82, sorry I am late replying.
I hope the 100 mil is true, if so I would spend as needed.
Definitely need a c/ f so Watkins for 20m or go cheaper with Borini or possibly both, a lot to be learned from a seasoned player like Borini
Then AM/ W so Rashica 20+m fits the bill here and Emi Buendia 20m I would try and get both.
I would go for John Swift from Reading at 6m seasoned and a great squad player.
I think we should leave the defence alone until the next window and see how we go, 4 new offensive players should be enough to take us forward.
Too many new players and we will upset any balance we have achieved since lock down.
If we can hold the ball for longer in the final, our defenders will benefit.
So spend 60 - 70 million and see how we go, that would leave us a bit of pocket money in case we need it in January.
Thing is 82, we might get a bit in as well if we sell a few players, El Ghazi, Lansbury, Jota, Hogan, that lot should bring in 15+mil.

{Ed002's Note - Where is this £100M coming from?}

13 Aug 2020 12:49:05
Ed, I have not said there is mate, I have put the words if true.
Although it has been widely publicised that the Owners are prepared to invest a further 100m.
I would think that, if it is true, there would be some anticipated sales incorporated in that figure.

{Ed002's Note - They cannot do that. You must understand the FFP limits Dave and the problem the club already has?}

13 Aug 2020 12:57:17
Ok Ed, only answering a question from 82, I just hope you are wrong.

13 Aug 2020 23:00:05
Don't panic Dave, in Harry Enfield style our owners are "extremely richer than yow" we will finance what ever is needed with the best accountants at the owners disposal FFP will be diluted with all of the the virus implications and if i am wrong Ed002 will let us all know.



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