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25 Jul 2020 11:05:29
How about if we stay up, sign Ings for 60m benhrama 30m and zaha 30m, dunk 20m.
Sell trez, elghazi, grealish, hourihane, samatta, davis, lansbury.

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25 Jul 2020 14:06:57
I think trez an el gazi are good there getting better! The rest I agree but if we are only getting 50 for jack benrahma is only worth 20 max championship footy is differnt to prem. Seen Edinson Cavani is on a free would be a great addition offers expierence an goals even for a year would be class. We need to think bigger dunk would be great tuenzabe would be great if mings goes.

25 Jul 2020 15:16:47
So what you're saying is spend £130m on new players because the ones we have aren't good enough?

This begs the question of Who wants to buy our cast offs who aren't good enough for us. Apart from Grealish on your list, who else will bring in decent money to fund the lavish outlay you're suggesting?

25 Jul 2020 15:40:30
Trez is wanted back in Turkey for about the same money we bought him for and I think we should get at least £20 million for Nakamba, Samatta, El Ghazi, Hause, Taylor, Jota, Lansbury, that plus the money we get for Jack then I think the likes of Mitrovic, Benrahama, Albrighton are realistic and within budget add a couple of loan deals for the likes of Harry Wilson and financially I think that is affordable. However players like Cavani might well be a “free transfer” but wages would be astronomical and make any such deal un realistic from the clubs perspective.

25 Jul 2020 17:11:45
Why would you want to to sign Axel always injured Tuanzebe? He only had half a good season with us out of the 2 he spent!

25 Jul 2020 20:38:59
Tuanzebe is a good player ok so he had a bad injury but you wouldn’t discount him because of the injury we persevere with Davis and his injury record is worse than Tuanzebe’s.

25 Jul 2020 23:21:33
Why our owners are loaded if he costs 10 million for 1 season in wages you will get it back from staying up also it would attract other players.

25 Jul 2020 22:49:05
El gazi can go on a free so poor at finishing, poor at crossing, no pace and lazy get him out.

25 Jul 2020 23:18:37
Expecting Palace to let Zaha go for £30mill or him leaving for a team not in Europe is unrealistic to say the least.
We have a reasonable size squad but letting 8-10 leave to gain 4-6 would be extremely poor management especially considering loans wouldn't be able to play at least twice a season.
Hacking apart the squad every 5 minutes is what contributes to our issues. Letting 3-4 go and replacing them with 2 better options will improve the squad while building consistency.
Most of the teams flirting around the bottom are those that keep trying to shuffle the pack, I'd rather drift to mid table for a year or 2 while building than risk going through this again because we tried to be too ambitious too soon.

26 Jul 2020 01:57:39
Tuanzebe has only played a handful of games in the Prem, no point signing a player who's never fit and unproven in the Prem. Davis is different because he's an academy player. Let's be honest he wouldn't be in the squad if Wesley was fit.

26 Jul 2020 02:08:38
Agree with you rk, get 3 quality players to add to what we've got, let's hope Davis smashes in a goal or 2 this afternoon so that he cements a squad place for next season.

26 Jul 2020 10:22:55
So iif I recall most of us on this site have been saying for most of the season that the vast majority of the squad aren’t good enough if that’s the case why on earth would we keep them? And if we get rid of 8 to 10 and buy 4 to 6 replacements we cover any shortfall with some of the academy players that most of us on here have been asking for to be given a chance.

With regards to Cavani even if our owners were prepared to pay the wages he has the likes of Inter and Roma interested is he really going to come to us I don’t think so.

Interesting rumour this morning suggests that if Bournemouth go down Callum Wilson could be available for as little as £10 million at that price he would be worth a gamble in my opinion.

26 Jul 2020 19:26:17
i would like to see a midfield of ward prows, cantwell, brooks luiz young but all good players, wilson is a good call,

26 Jul 2020 20:26:42
Some of us weren't saying that John. Our position mostly came down to silly mistakes which were unforgivable and the players weren't playing well enough.
For a long time Trez, Luiz and Targett were way off the required level but have grown since the restart. Nakamba has been more solid recently also.
The attitude appears to have been the biggest problem which solved itself when it mattered. Should they be able to do that for a while season then wholesale changes are not required.

26 Jul 2020 21:22:52
The trouble is I am not sure they can maintain the required level for the whole season I think Luiz is a good player however Trez and El Ghazi simply aren’t good enough Trez works hard but not good enough at Prem level. I still believe we have a problem at left back Targett is ok going forward but is too often found wanting defensively when I see the opposition winger haring down the touch line I expect to see my left back in the same picture and too often he isn’t! Nakamba has one good game every 3 or 4 Engels makes too many mistakes at this level, Elmo’s legs have gone I could carry on but I think I have said enough. Whilst our owners are wealthy let’s not forget this is a business venture for them and they are not die hard fans like us on this site so ask yourself this question if you were in charge of the Villa investing your own money would you continue to pay a group of employees who weren’t cutting the mustard?

26 Jul 2020 22:15:45
Working within business there is a term called overexpansion. Paying wages for players who are improving enough within the system is preferable to having to fork out a deficit of £10mill+ for an unknown quantity.
All players at other clubs regardless of experience and consistency are not guaranteed to be good for us so the best risk strategy is to bring 2-4 players in we think will make improvements while maintaining a core group that are used to the environment.

26 Jul 2020 23:18:06
Happy if we only bring in 4 to 5 players but I still think we release those players that aren’t good enough if that’s 8 to 10 so be it I would rather we plug those gaps with players from our academy and start blooding them.



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