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14 Apr 2020 23:07:05
As we have a break in the season I will give a review. Start of the season there was a buzz about the place 1 like I never seen since Big Ron days. We brought a lot of players mainly as we didn't have a choice because our other ones were either old or not good enough.

We went with young potenial players with a sell on value rather than proven premiership players. I think early on in the season we did ok not great but ok the half way through we started being unlucky via VAR now I don't no what's happend but that buzz around Villa park as gone an results an performances have gone poor putting us deep in a relegation battle. We have players not marking from corners.

Players fighting and our team captin breaking the rules to go on the lash all of which stinks of when we went down before! Now we have this unexpected break one that Dean Smith can be gratful for as he was 1 game from the sack. So whos fault is it well I say its everybodys Jesus helped buy the players Dean Smith isn't getting the best out of them and can't even set up basics like corners but its not all there fault.

The owners hatched this plan together so its there fault aswel. I must say one thing that hasn't let us down is us the fans we have been there singing our hearts out even at some of the worst games southampton away brighton bournmouth where we was awful we all stood by the team!

Best game this season prob beating Everton at Villa park or the liverpool performance! Worst games Southampton and Bournmouth. Best Signing for me samatta really like him matt targett another good 1. Worst signing drinkwater and reina don't rate luiz either! Best goal gota be glelish old trafford wow what a strike.

Player of the season without doubt jack grelish but we do only play for him. Overall must say its be a great highlight going to a cup final so 5 out of 10 for me. let's hope we csn turn it around! UTV Stay safe.

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15 Apr 2020 13:02:28
Two things walkies.
1. How do you know Deano was one game from the sack?
2. Some of the fans have let our club down big time mate, several
times the have fought among themselves, that is shocking.
Everything else you have said, is pretty much water under the bridge,
and cannot be changed.
We have all given our views on how things have gone or should have gone, and as we have seen it all counts for nothing.
There is only one goal at the moment mate, stay safe walkies.

15 Apr 2020 13:44:53
Well said Dave and that's not having a pop at walkies as we can all agree the season has been disappointing considering our expectations and whoever's feet the fault lies at is inconsequential to the bigger picture at the moment. Football will return and we will, God permitting, get our lives back. how the great game returns and people's perception of it may of changed is a whole different ball game (pardon the pun )

15 Apr 2020 15:00:36
Thank you Moose.
I really don`t think people can or want to grasp just how much things are going to change mate, sport, social, financial, in fact most ways of life as we know it now.
I have no doubt at all, that we are going to realise a new way of life, in some ways better, and in other ways far more severe, not a nice word I know but, Draconian maybe.
It is like someone pressing the reset button.

15 Apr 2020 15:50:11
Not sure I'd go for a vampire society Dave. oh draconian. should of gone to specsavers (other eye tests and glasses manufacturers are available) 😂😂.

15 Apr 2020 17:00:14
The youth that was fighting at wembley was on our coach mate they weren't fighting over villa they was on drugs. An as 4 the Dean Smith thing it was well documented to me looks like he lost the dressing room. But hopefully all the players and management staff all pull together now.

15 Apr 2020 17:31:50
I never mentioned Wembley, there have been a couple of incidents, where Villa fans have been fighting in the ground mate.
The well documented bit, is nothing more than paper talk, and BS.



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