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19 Sep 2019 05:32:55
So, there's a rumour emanating from the hallowed halls that some people aren't happy with how things are going at the moment-eyebrows were raised after the first game against the spuds when Deano was giving his after-match interview and commented on how much fitter they were compared to us? -that apparently didn't go down well, I'm not saying he's for the high jump double quick lively, but that if things don't improved coming up to Crimbo, then to coin a phrase "It's nothing personal it's business" comes to mind- before the usual mob on here start cranking and talking about it being only 4 games in, new squad gelling, it would make no sense-what a ridiculous thing to say-just get behind the manager-call yourself a fan and say something like this-blah blah blah-fair enough, but just because you don't want to hear it DOESN'T mean the conversation hasn't taken place-so endeth this transmission -UTV.

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19 Sep 2019 20:21:37
Im starting to have 2nd thoughts on deano we need to have a plan b and c i'd rather play ugly and win / i'm not saying get rid at all for me we need a jose to take us to the nxt level, yes we will prob stay in the league, but 150mil spent on 2 good players and the rest not good.

19 Sep 2019 20:42:10
4eva, why would you have second thoughts about Deano what has he done to make you feel like that, he is learning like everyone else mate.
And can I ask, if you are not saying get rid, why are you asking for a Jose to take us to the next level?

20 Sep 2019 06:30:31
Jose is a clown now and you'll never see a youth player near the team.
We've gone from "Bruce out due to winning playing ugly" to "I'd rather see us playing ugly and win".
This proves how impossible it is to please our fans.
Also, regarding there being no plan B or C, we have ended the last 2 games in a 442/ 424 which is more change than the majority of teams make. Very few teams change much of anything from one game to the next so why is it always a problem for us? Give the players a few games to actually know the system and each other to a good level for crying out loud.

20 Sep 2019 11:40:10
The Crystal Palace game plan b worked, we had 4 central mids on and we got and equaliser. it all was fair in the world.

21 Sep 2019 04:37:55
Villa dave because jose has the tactical nous to get us higher up the league and would kick the players backsides and he's a winner deano seems to nice to me, his job at man u wasnt that bad they were just bad eggs at united 3 trophys and finished 2nd not bad with a shocking united team, i'm not saying i want deano gone i'm just saying in my view i think we would be better under jose, any1 that says they wouldn't want jose as manager is deluded if there was a chance to get i'd jump at it, and plus if were still where we are by xmas i can't see the owners are going to be very happy u want the best for your buisness don't you, i like deano he's done good getting us up but i think jose would take us a lot further with his know how, just my opinion that's all,



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