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02 Jun 2019 06:04:23
Congratulations ed001! How did you celebrate?

{Ed001's Note - apart from running round singing YNWA at the top of my voice (apologies to my neighbours for suffering through that) I was mostly too busy editing to actually celebrate. Exciting huh?}

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02 Jun 2019 08:25:45
Hahaha running around part was. I'm sure neighbors will understand 😂.

{Ed001's Note - I doubt it, they are an Indian family who have absolutely no idea about football. Cricket they know, but football, well they just look blank when the conversation turns to it. A bit like me when they mention anything cricket related really. They probably will have guessed something was going on though as there are a hell of a lot of Egyptians in this building, so there was a lot of noise here last night.}

02 Jun 2019 16:52:42
Haha yeah I can understand. A bit surprised though that you don't have idea about cricket. I thought it was as popular as football in England.
Btw do you have any Ed who is an Aston Villa fan?

{Ed001's Note - some people love cricket, but it is just not for me. Puts me to sleep.

We don't have a Villa ed at the moment. It would be nice if we had one though.}

02 Jun 2019 17:26:21
Yeah, I was reading the other rumor side the other day and the Ed was the same club fan, has was providing information in details (minor details) and was thinking if we had the same for Villa.

In papers/ sites, Villa are linked with every other player but do not have someone to provide proper inputs or provide info on who actually they are linked with (untill it's done) .

Well for now, enjoy the trophy 001. excited to discuss the game with you when we play Liverpool this season. cheers!

{Ed001's Note - yeah we prefer to have editors for each site if we can but it is not easy to find them. Especially as we can't afford to pay!

Cheers mate, I look forward to seeing how you do next season. Smith is exciting.}



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