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23 Jul 2022 13:49:35
Watched the man u game this morning, no defeat yet in pre season which hopefully sets up for a positive start. All the usual caveats with pre season games, however some things were jumping out at me.

The first half performance, with the likely hood of the majority in the starting eleven, started the game, it mirrored the last games of the end of the season. Poor passing, defensive errors and exceptionally poor kicking from Martinez.

Gerrard obviously was going to make changes, however, in my opinion the poor first half performance encouraged him to make these changes at half time, unlike man utd that left it a lot later. The changes were excellent and Bailey looking a different player, he was absolutely superb and i wouldn't be surprised if he starts against Bournemouth at the expense of Ings, who was again poor.

I Think Coutinho will be lucky to be a regular starter, Buendia offers a lot more. Ramsey is getting better every game, Mings continues with too many mistakes and will probably lose his place if these continue. I wouldn't be surprised if Chambers starts sooner rather than later. We desperately need another striker and probably a further attacking midfielder.

I saw too many signs of last season, hope i'm totally wrong. I will be there with my season ticket hoping for a good season and like many will be happy to continue to comment on my honest observations.

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23 Jul 2022 14:53:04
Dave better attitude second half,Bailey was outstanding.Once again non of the kids looked out of place,Tim looked as steady as Kamara and Haden looked sharp on the right .Chambers always looks in control and great to see him score .As you say Buendia certainly seems at the moment,to offer more,I think that down to attitude, he’s a scrapper.
I think first half we just stood off them and gave them to much space .Didn’t like they where playing a Man U song at the start and the ref was more likely to give them some soft 50-50 s
That pitch was like Wast Hills on a wet Sunday HaHa .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever

23 Jul 2022 15:46:19
I just hope SG is brave enough to see the blindingly obvious. Coutinho is not doing it at the moment, Ings and Watkins just doesn't work and Mings just cannot maintain concentration for more than a few minutes. We have players that are playing well enough to step in so he needs to make the big decisions, otherwise he sends a bad message to the squad and it all goes pear shaped.

23 Jul 2022 18:46:27
The issue at Villa IMO has nothing to do with who we pick and everything to do with the fact we simply don't have a player in the middle of the park who can retain possession - We are missing a massive piece of the puzzle and this needs to be addressed before the end of the window - Having somebody who can dictate the pace of the game and who can keep the football is integral for any top side and if we aspire to reach that level then we need investment.

Solving this problem will allow Coutinho to receive the ball in areas where he can impact the game, it would allow us to play both Coutinho and Buendia (and in games we will dominate Bailey as well) and would mean Kamara and the defence are not constantly fire fighting to win back possession. Ramsey and McGinn are both good players but for me we can only play one of them, when both play we lose possession too much and then we are massively exposed through Midfield, we HAVE to fix this issue before we argue about who should start over who. I've said it a lot on this site, we are so close to being a very very good side, we need to fix this issue as a priority if Europe is a realistic ambition this season.

23 Jul 2022 19:59:01
Personally, as a one-off result, I’m delighted with the outcome against a strong United side. We’ve all been banging on forever about a world-class DMF so we are hopefully still in the process of that marquee signing. A quality prolific striker would complete the picture and I’m sure we’re on the case with that one too. Maybe I’m just an unusual glass-half-full Brummie ?

23 Jul 2022 20:16:31
BK i'm in total agreement and i think Mcginn is not my preferred choice, get 50 mill and sell him, he doesn't offer enough for me, a big fat arce just isn't enough

23 Jul 2022 20:45:33
BK I agree whole heartedly with what you say but the 64,000 dollar question is who? Bissouma would have been ideal as would Phillips but those ships have sailed, the only other player with premiership experience who could fill that void for me is Ndidi but I am fairly sure Leicester wouldn’t sell to a side that will be in direct competition for one of the European slots. I know rumours are flying around re Sangare at PSV but to be honest I haven’t seen him play so I wouldn’t know however one way or the other but we certainly need to plug that gap and quickly.

23 Jul 2022 23:53:24
Ings, we are snookered somewhat as I think we have the ideal player (and partner for Kamara) at the club already in Iroegbunam - He looks so composed, he's a physical specimen (and will only get stronger), he rarely gives the ball away and his passing is progressive and accurate but. He's only just turned 19 and it's massive pressure to put on a kid that age, physically and mentally! That's why I wouldn't be massively surprised if we are quietly considering Gini Wijnaldum as a short term fix! Think he would be a very shrewd signing, perhaps not a sexy signing at 31 but would allow us to integrate Iroegbunam this season with an eye on playing a much bigger role in 23/24.

24 Jul 2022 02:00:45
I had hoped kamara was that midfielder that we needed, I do like the idea of winjaldum coming in and keeping Tim around the team and integrating him into a first teamer the kid has huge potential.

24 Jul 2022 06:05:04
Guys, maybe it’s me but Wijnaldum is more of an attacking midfielder and he himself sees that as his best position and as I have said before I think we are well stocked in that space so I don’t think he’s the answer, but I agree that Iroegbunam looks a great prospect however it’s a helluva ask for him to fill that role now, which is why I think a more defensively minded midfielder is what we need this will allow us to push McGinn further forward where he plays to such great effect for Scotland particularly if we are going to play 4-2-3-1 but as I say it’s not easy to source someone who can easily slot into that role

24 Jul 2022 09:15:10
I agree Ings, it's a difficult one, Iroegbunam needs to be integrated gradually into the first team so a stop gap signing of an experienced pro make sense to me and Wijnaldum fits that bill IMO - For me an 8 is box to box rather than a defensively minded player BUT it has to be an 8 who can retain possession and Wijnaldum can certainly do that, I also think he would link the play between defence and attack very well and has experience playing with Coutinho which is a bonus as well :-) In all honesty I don't know who the best option is, I just know this is an area we need to fix and this front 6 would be a handful for most teams LOL

Wijnaldum, Kamara, McGinn

Buendia, Watkins, Coutinho

{Ed001's Note - I have to say, having watched him for years at Liverpool, I have no idea why you would want to sign the 'ghost of Anfield'. He has been as effective for Liverpool since he left as he was while there. He has no desire or drive and will just float around hiding for 90 minutes for 37 games a season.}

24 Jul 2022 10:30:21
If we think we are looking for a stop gap whilst Iroegbunam develops we could look to make a big offer for an older established defensively minded midfielder who has achieved all the honours domestically he can achieve, might not now always be an automatic starter at his current club apparently holds Gerrard in high regard and might fancy ‘a project’ before he finishes. Ed how do you think Liverpool would react to a £30 million offer for Henderson?

{Ed001's Note - I think his leadership is worth far more to the club than that to be honest, plus I very much doubt he would have any interest in making the move right now.}

24 Jul 2022 11:01:45
Fair enough but it’s someone like him we could do with and not too many of them about

{Ed001's Note - I have to admit, I can't think of any off the top of my head to suggest.}

24 Jul 2022 14:38:15
Hi Ed, Ings summed it up perfectly - Not necessarily saying i'd love Wijnaldum but I think he could serve as an experienced stop gap until Iroegbunam is ready to play every week - Not really sure who else is out there that wouldn't cost an absolute fortune?

24 Jul 2022 16:43:29
We're stacked right now especially in midfield so until someone goes out I don't see any incomings.
Kamara has come in as the DM and it'll be him with 2 from Mcginn/Luiz/Ramsey with Nakamba/Sanson/Tim as backup. One or both of Sanson and Iroegbunam will probably be loaned out by the end of the window. I'd prefer Tim going for regular game time in the Championship until January and hopefully be match fit and prem ready for the second half of the season.

24 Jul 2022 19:31:59
The rumours suggest we are looking to bring in another midfielder plus a striker and I think the reason for the midfielder is twofold, firstly uncertainty over Luiz’s future and if we are going to play 4-2-3-1 then we don’t have that second holding midfielder that Gerrard can put his trust in as Nakamba is poor when in possession of the ball the problem is who is available to fill that role. I think we will see a number of outgoings between now and when the window closes I can’t see Guilbert, AEG, Hause, Traore or Sanson being there post 31 August

24 Jul 2022 21:44:53
The club may be keeping it quiet but it very much looks like Luiz is going nowhere.
He will probably be first choice as the second deep midfielder if we need the 2 probably with the hope of convincing him to sign a new deal with a strong start to the season. If it does then we can at least be in a stronger position to get a bid we're happy with next season.
Nakamba will be back up to cover if both Kamara and Doug are out. Mcginn more likely to drop back for one off cover.
Those you listed are the trimming of the squad that is necessary and it's then a case of replacing people if a deal can be struck.
If we get a bid for Doug or 2 of the 3 back ups are sold or sent on loan then I think we see something happen but not until then.
Striker is a possibility but that's if we loan out Archer. I also don't see it being anyone we'd get that excited over as Gerrard seems to be right behind Ollie.

24 Jul 2022 23:00:48
I don't see us getting a striker, the type of striker that we need (who is better than both Ings and Watkins) would cost 60M and is unlikely to A. be available at this point in the window and B. come to Villa - Watkins and Ings will score a bag full of goals if they get the service, the problem Villa have is keeping possession and getting our creative players on the ball in the right areas - Fix that and scoring goals won't be an issue.

25 Jul 2022 09:41:39
BK I agree that holding onto the ball is a big problem which needs to be fixed but I am not sure that that in itself will solve our goal scoring problems. I like Watkins he works hard runs the channels and is a nuisance for centre backs, but his first touch isn’t always great and his ratio of chances converted against those created isn’t good either. With regards Ings he scored plenty for sides that didn’t see a lot of the ball in Burnley and Southampton but it isn’t working with him as a lone striker or in partnership with Watkins so for me I do think we need another striker. Where I tend to agree with you is that it may take a really big bid £60 million plus to secure that individual (if he will come) but compared to other clubs our outlay this window is relatively modest to date so we may just have the capability to bring in a big name striker.

25 Jul 2022 10:55:08
I take your point Ings but fixing the midfield issue would allow our best players to be more effective in the final third - Coutinho, Bailey and Buendia could all chip in with 5-10 goals each if given the right opportunities, I agree that neither Watkins and Ings will net us 20+ goals a season but we can make that up elsewhere by keeping the ball more effectively. I just don't see an obvious improvement on either Ings or Watkins that's realistic without Europe so we need to figure out how we spread the goals throughout the team IMO, and perhaps not be so reliant on one player to score our goals. And look, I understand the reality is that level of attack is usually reserved for the elite teams but I'm convinced Villa aren't miles away from being a very good side - Midfield is the priority for me but if there is a chance later in the window to grap a top striker then fully agree, we need to take it!

25 Jul 2022 12:46:44
I think money talks, and so for me I have always championed Patrick Schick at Leverkusen a club which follows a similar model to that operated by Dortmund in that they tend to sell one of there players for big money each transfer window (Havertz and Bailey) but haven’t done so this window as yet, so an opportunity might exist if we don’t try we won’t know. If we couldn’t land him I would test Roma and offer them Luiz and £30 million for Abraham and see where it takes us.

25 Jul 2022 15:00:36
I'm fairly certain Schick signed a new contract recently Ings? Or am I mistaken? Tammy would be ideal, definitely a step up on Watkins and Ings but again do we get him for less than 50/60M and would he be after CL football? Who knows, the draw of the PL is massive and we can offer big wages but my gut is telling me we'll address Midfield and go with what we have up front this summer.



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