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26 May 2022 22:26:25
Stevie definitely making clear his intent already! Some superb signings! I think he'll go for a cf aswell, i'm not sure he can rely on ings/Watkins after last season, i'm not sure either have got 20 goals in them

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26 May 2022 23:17:13
Its what’s known as ‘Doing a Fulham.’
You’ve tried it before and where did it get you?

26 May 2022 23:48:46
Stop been bitter our kid you may have finished above us but the football you lot play is one of the most boring Styles I have seen. Southgate like 7 defensive minded players is not attractive to watch. You will need to change your name neves wanted to leave ?

27 May 2022 00:14:36
According to reports,it looks like your manager wants off ??

27 May 2022 08:30:23
Don’t be bitter Dingo. I never see any Villa fans on any of the Wolves boards, I guess you’re just like a blues fan in that regard. Still more interested in our club than your own.

27 May 2022 09:45:53
Would you take Jiminez off the Dingles? He’s a proper No9 imo ??‍♂️


27 May 2022 10:22:39
People moan about Watkins he has double his goals no thank you.

27 May 2022 12:47:37
What about Mitrovic? He has triple the goals Watkins has lol?


27 May 2022 19:48:51
I like Mitrovic and I suggested we pick him up at the end of last season as a forward who could give us something different to Watkins in that he bullies centre halves and is good in the air, however at that time Smith was looking to play with wingers I am not convinced Gerrard wants to play that way and if he doesn’t then Mitrovic would not be the right choice in my opinion

27 May 2022 20:44:48
Loti I don't recall Mitrovic cutting the mustard last time he was in the prem.

27 May 2022 22:26:23
He didn’t but he was with a crap side

27 May 2022 22:37:04
He might have triple the goals but in a side that dominated the championship I’m sure Watkins is the man personally I really like him UTV



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