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07 May 2022 19:07:18
Not Villa related, but Is anyone else enjoying the demise of Man Utd as much as me?
I'm not just talking about this game (as fab as it is!) I mean the fact that they're no longer even amongst the best of the rest let alone top 4 standard.

I don't know if it stems back to school days growing up in Redditch but yet half the schools supporting Man U or what, but I've always hated them, more or less on or with blues.
I guess some would possibly call it jealousy, but it's always just enraged me all the extras, bias and special treatment that they've always received.

I mean even now I can predict that MOTD and alike will lament their performance rather than praising just how good Brighton have been!

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07 May 2022 21:20:16
As a Redditch lad myself I'm with you, United losing is massively satisfying. There were a fair few glory supporters around during my school days in the 90s.

08 May 2022 17:22:44
Must just be a redditch thing ? because i feel the same way taking copius amounts of satisfaction from their plight and ongoing ideas of nonsensical entitlement ?. Still want that 3 points at home against them though utv



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