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09 Apr 2022 19:26:33
At a loss for words after that result, our finishing is absolutely awful we should of being out of sight at half time, I was really pleased with the team he picked today but damn do we need a striker.

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09 Apr 2022 19:56:11
Whack, the difference was a quality coach letting a team have as much blunt possession as they wanted and lightweight inexperienced coach who got his team high pressing only to get hit on the counter, i call it naive and totally lacking of coaching nouse. Watkins and Ings absolutely lacking. A complete clear out is the only way we can progress, unfortunately who is going to join a second rate outfit.

09 Apr 2022 20:05:19
Sorry Whack but for me it's a result of lack of chances previously that means they're not in the groove.
Who do we realistically get? An ageing Suarez who is only good for a few games or a punt on someone like Schick who could be good but could easily turn into the second coming of Balaban.
Midfield is still the problem area. A fit Nakamba or other DM is needed. The others all need to improve, Mcginn with fitness over being the male Kardashian, Ramsey with defensive work and positive passing and Sanson getting into the team. Dougie we should take the 25-30mill from Roma of they are offering, he's steady but not what we need for any of those spots right now.

09 Apr 2022 21:11:14
In terms of who we get I watch a lot of Bundesliga football Schick will score more goals in the premiership than either Watkins or Ings, if he isn’t available then let’s try for Abraham so there’s two strikers for a start. Ghouri at Nice is another young striker who is worth a punt, I might even try to get Broja out of Chelsea, but what is certain is we can’t stick with what we have because they are not clinical enough we have to try to recruit better all the one I have mentioned I believe are better than what we have and are certainly not in the Balaban school of finishing.

09 Apr 2022 22:33:05
Balaban was banging them in for fun at a high level European side before coming to us to be fair to him.
Look at Jovic floundering at Madrid for a more recent example. Yes he has other top players competing for his place there but it should be noted the rigours of English football outweigh any other league.
Abraham has scored goals in teams that dominate the ball but also requires a lot of chances, I honestly don't see him having a higher chances to goals ratio than Watkins and have never been convinced by his link up play. He would cost even more than the £40mill Roma paid and wouldn't be value for money.
Sort that midfield out so we are less leaky and the strikers don't feel under pressure to score every chance they get. You'd probably be surprised by how many they actually take with that slight change.

10 Apr 2022 01:36:41
Archer would of finished some of those chances today I’m sure of it, really would like to see him as part of the squad next season, chambers has to start next game, konsa has being awful the past 3 games costing us goals in each of them, I’ll be glad to see nakamba back in the team so we can see if a DM will make a difference, apart from the first 3 mins I thought that was probably 1 of the best 45 mins of football we played in a long time it was just so disappointing not to score a couple of those chances, I think ings marked his cards today I can’t see him surviving the summer cull.

10 Apr 2022 08:35:46
rk Balaban didn’t bang them in internationally Schick does, and if you don’t think either him or Abraham would do the business give us a suggestion of who would because one things for certain not making a change isn’t an option if we want to progress to the next level

10 Apr 2022 09:10:54
The age of the number 9 is dying Loti. Why should I suggest a new striker when I've already mentioned that the midfield needs the attention first. Fix the actual problem and the others tend to fix themselves.
I think it's mental that Gerrard doesn't play with wide/inside forwards when the majority of the top goalscorers and assist makers around the world play in those positions. They are also easier to get at more reasonable prices.

10 Apr 2022 10:13:30
I think we all recognise the need to make changes in the middle of the park, however creating chances wasn’t the problem yesterday we created more than Spurs we were just profligate in front of goal, and I think a number of us now want to see a quality striker who will challenge our current front line so for me I think Wesley, Davis and Ings can all definitely go and maybe even Watkins, bring Archer into the first team picture and sign two quality forwards my suggestions in terms of Abraham and Schick are based on they would both suit the style of play Gerrard likes and both are goalscorers Abraham at premiership level and Schick in the Bundesliga and internationally. In terms of an inside forward I am not sure they come that cheap certainly Jota and Son didn’t and I can’t see someone who is available and would guarantee us double figures and is available. It’s easy to carp from the sidelines if what I am suggesting doesn’t work for you what’s your alternative?

10 Apr 2022 10:59:11
Its like talking to a brick wall on here sometimes. My alternative is already there.
There's a difference in creating chances in a one off game and doing it regularly. There's also a difference in the pressure of having to score because you will definitely concede compared to when you know you are sound defensively.
Abraham would probably cost £60mill now which you could get 2 very good but not quite world class wingers. You never know, playing Bailey and Buendia in their actual positions rather than forcing them central would make them more effective.

10 Apr 2022 12:53:17
Your great at generic type statements rk but when asked for specifics regrettably a la Mother Hubbard the cupboard was bare! That’s strikes me more like conversing with a brick wall.

10 Apr 2022 14:13:03
Exactly what is generic about the following?
Improve Mcginns fitness.
Improve Ramseys defensive work and forward passing.
Play Sanson.
Get Nakamba back or try to sign a proper DM.
Play Beundia and Bailey in their proper positions.
While I don't think we need to spend on a striker I'm not belittling your position and have explained perfectly what I think needs doing. Not naming a different striker when I'm not convinced we need one isn't not giving an answer because we don't need one is an answer. Stop gaslighting and just be respectful that we can have different ideas on how to improve the team.

10 Apr 2022 14:57:06
Not gaslighting rk and I fully accept we can have a difference of opinion, but we need to up the ante in the next few months if we are to kick on. I know we have a different opinion on Ramsey and that’s fine, on the Buendia issue if we sign Coutinho where do you play Buendia? he’s not a winger and I think Coutinho will play centrally so we have an issue to resolve. I agree with you re Bailey he needs to get fit and be given games. I am not sure what you see as the problem with Mcginns fitness he seems pretty fit to me and if the manager thought an issue existed he would hook him off which I don’t think he has done whilst he’s been in charge. With regards the strikers Teemu Pukki at Norwich has as many goals as our best striker, and that’s based on three quarters of a season that’s just not good enough if you want to be competing at the top end of the premier league I’m afraid.

10 Apr 2022 15:29:29
Beundia was most effective for Norwich as a wide forward cutting in, he gets overrun in the centre. I agree he's not an out and out winger but like Jack he's better when he has that extra room to operate.
Although Mcginn has been able to play the full 90 he's been very leggy from my point of view. When he closes people down from the front it looks like he's trudging through a boggy Sunday league pitch.
Both strikers have had their injury problems this season and it doesn't help them when a lot of the attacking play throughout the season has bypassed them. A lot of managers and pundits agree that Watkins has all the attributes required. He's not been fully at it this season but I think if we revert to a 3 with him surrounded by Beundia, Bailey and Coutinho it could be pretty exciting.
Abraham has a good record for teams that have the majority of the ball where he only really needs to stand in the box and throw a limb at something. We're still behind that group of teams which is why I don't believe 50-60 Mill makes him a good choice over Watkins who on form has the advantage in terms of speed and hold up play.
Whoever we sign, whatever we change is all an experiment and could go either way. What Gerrard is currently doing isn't really working with what we have. I'm not sure we get more than 1 of the players being strongly linked, especially at the crazy prices mentioned (60mill for Phillips?). I just hope we don't end up with his ex Rangers players.

10 Apr 2022 16:05:58
I agree it’s all a risk rk but it’s one we are going to have to take if we want to kick on, I also agree the fee’s will be high but I think we have reasonable chances of landing both Bissouma and Abraham because firstly in Bissouma’s case the big clubs seem to be more interested in the likes of Phillips, Rice and Neves and secondly in respect of both Bissouma and Abraham the selling clubs have an interest in a couple of our players in Roma’s case they want Luiz and in Brighton’s they like Ings which will significantly reduce the price if those players were included in any deals. With regards to the striking position I like Watkins I think he runs the channels well and works really hard but I just don’t think he is a 15 to 20 goal premier league striker which is what we need if we are to kick on.

10 Apr 2022 16:41:55
Fair enough, we shall see what unfolds in the summer with intrigue. If it is another major overhaul I hope the players gel quickly and it is the last because I don't think we can expect the owners to throw 100-150 mill at it every year and they'd probably only do that on one or 2 absolutely top players if we were already in the top 4.

10 Apr 2022 18:15:43
Again I think you are right but we will generate a fair bit of cash through sales selling the likes of AEG, Traore, Sanson, Wesley, Davis, Guilbert, and Konsa (if rumours are to be believed) will generate us an additional £50 to £60 million if you add Luiz. and Ings to that picture you are up to £100 million without the owners putting anything in at all, add the £150 million they have supposedly earmarked that’s quite a warchest.



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