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09 Apr 2022 18:33:34
Annoying that Konsa and Mings both switched off at the same time but pretty good otherwise.
I'm really struggling to understand what is going on with Ings. Is it pressure of playing for a bigger club? We bought him as an instinctive finisher and yet he fluffs everything for us when you know over 50% of his misses would have gone in at Southampton.

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09 Apr 2022 19:08:18
This is why Conte gets paid big money. He took a gung ho team that shipped goals for fun and turned them into one that scores 3 goals from 3 chances.
Gerrard on the other hand should have either changed captain immediately or kept his mouth shut. While I normally defend Mings for his effort I can't defend him for 2 of those goals and I think it's clear his head wasn't 100% there.

09 Apr 2022 19:14:11
I seldom make comments on the site anymore, even though I read a lot of what is posted.
But the dross that I am watching is rediculous.
Our defence is like an broken gate. It can close but invariably
it is after the sheep have gone through.
I have always thought that we need a leader on the pitch who understands what football is all about.
Tonight is evidence that the gate has fallen off the hinges.

09 Apr 2022 20:03:06
I think this result highlights the job Gerrard has to do in terms of building a squad that can compete, I like Konsa but to my mind he was at fault for 3 of the goals today, the first a poor defensive header the second he didn’t challenge Kane and allowed him the flick on to Kulusevski and the third he wasn’t anywhere near Kane again for the flick on to Son I don’t know whether th rumours about him being surplus to requirements in the summer had drained his confidence but he isn’t the same player he was 12 months ago. With regards to the midfield I think we all recognise the obvious candidates to move on but for me if we sign Coutinho then I think we should sell McGinn as we won’t be able to play him in his best position I don’t think so and therefore let’s get good money for him and invest it in the rebuild. I would also get rid of Ings he doesn’t fit how Gerrard wants to play and to be honest if the price was right I would sell Watkins he works incredibly hard but his first touch isn’t the best and he doesn’t score enough. So for me in the summer our transfer priorities should be, Coutinho, a couple of defensive midfielders two quality strikers a wide man and a centre half as a bare minimum if we are to challenge to get in the top 10 let alone the top six

09 Apr 2022 20:38:16
As I said before stevie is playing with a broken fiddle. Someone please tell me how Ramsey stays on the pitch for 90 mins. Sorry gents he's overrated in my opinion. As for the rest this page isn't big enough. I'd keep martinez, cash, Digne and continuo, the rest can go to some other mid table wannabees
With any half decent strikers we'd have been out of site by halftime. With ant half decent Central defenders we would have conceded 3 of the goals. Rant over utv

10 Apr 2022 22:36:32
Absolutely agree regarding Ramsey, he has flashes in games but honestly he's nothing special. May upset some but its the reality unfortunately.

Mcginn anonymous again

Konsa getting worse

Watkins couldn't kick snow off a rope

Ings has become the polar opposite to the clinical goalscorer he was in the past

Bailey looks like he don't care whenever he plays

Never been a mings fan

Cash continues to win me over

Big changes needed again.

Would like to see sanson and marv play together as a pivot with mcginn more advanced, then coutinho, buendia with 1 of ings or Watkins up top before the seasons out.



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