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21 Mar 2022 16:58:30
Best bit of news I've heard in a long time that congenital idiot Mike Dean is retiring at the end of the season one less primadonna more interested in being the story than refereeing the game properly

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21 Mar 2022 17:29:41
I'm not a fan of his by any means but a lot of the others are so bad that he's somehow become one of the fairer refs.
I'd be up for opening the door to more overseas refs as long as they are nothing like that Aussie prat.

21 Mar 2022 18:56:38
I agree to opening up to referees from other countries I think the best ref was Collina got most of the key decisions right and was firm but fair stood no nonsense. They don’t make them like him anymore. By the way which Aussie prat rk?

21 Mar 2022 21:44:14
Jarred Gillett. He's inexperienced at Prem level but he's had more than his share of shocking games since he's come in.

22 Mar 2022 07:30:42
Lord of the Ings, that is wonderful news! I just wish he'd retire sooner rather than later. And I totally agree with you about Collina. The best referee I know of so far.

25 Mar 2022 21:32:20
Collina reffed in a different era with different players and rules

I guarantee you that if Collina reffed now he'd be tarnished with the same brush as other refs as the games moved on.

Not saying for the better but facts are players get away with murder and have become almost untouchable so refs have unfortunately turned into a token body on the pitch who has minimal influence on the game.

Imagine all of us in our day to day jobs had someone ready to overrule you at the first opportunity like var does with refs, we'd all be under far more pressure and scrutiny.

It's no coincidence the so called sub standard of refereeing has been highlighted so heavily since var has been active



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