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13 Jul 2021 17:57:27
You can kiss hosting the 2030 World Cup goodbye thanks to those mindless idiots in and around Wembley stadium.

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13 Jul 2021 18:09:06
Totally agree Raj, well said mate.

13 Jul 2021 19:08:42
Wouldn’t expect other fans to have to come here and be exposed to that after the other night. Wouldn’t be fair or safe to do so.

Absolute scum, the aftermath has been a stark reminder of where this country is at.

14 Jul 2021 06:03:29
Shouldn’t it be ‘we’ can kiss goodbye to hosting the 2030 World Cup and not ‘you? ’ From what I’ve discovered through actual research and not just reading the 1st paragraph of a news article, is that it was lads local to Wembley mainly that broke through the security line. Did Russia have the World Cup tournament taken off them after their fans went on the rampage in France targeting English fans in what looked like a planned and imo military backed assault, which they filmed themselves btw? Yes our country has problems but less than 100 idiots trying to pull a fast 1 isn’t the same as 100’s of thousands of people destroying monuments/ property on ‘peaceful protests’ stoked by the media who are the real problem with this country. Wake up


14 Jul 2021 08:30:57
Maybe you should do some more research ally, way over 100 people ruined it, the few that were caught were local to Wembley, there is absolutely no way of knowing where the rest are from so wherever you’ve read that is garbage. Add to that the completely destruction of Wembley as an area, Wembley way etc. Racism that followed, we’ve loaded the gun for them.

That’s the argument fifa will use, despite the fact over 5000 people (modern day slaves) have died building the stadiums for Qatar, but that’s another debate. So yes WE can kiss that World Cup goodbye 👍.

14 Jul 2021 21:22:57
I don’t think the amount of people involved is what makes people talk it’s more about the fact that every tournament those type of thugs go to they end up making trouble, I thought it would be different this time on home soil and now that we live in such PC times but obviously I was wrong, I know lots of decent English people but those other guys ruin it for everyone else and have done for a very long time, I witnessed it for myself back in 95 when England came over here for a friendly and a large group had organised the trip simply to make trouble, it was scandalous what they done to Lansdown road they completely thrashed it, it was like a something from Beruit, probably 1 of the lowest points in my football supporting career it took me a long time to even entertain the fact that there might be decent people in England watching the same sports I love, gladly there is and I quiet enjoy interacting with anyone here on this forum and other people I know through travels and extended family.

14 Jul 2021 21:46:30
You get the same in all sets of fans, no ones perfect.

That’s no deflection or excuse for the appalling scenes at the final, however we have seen similar at most recent major international tournaments.



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