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11 Jul 2021 22:57:09
The tactical genius that is Gareth Southgate has been well and truly found out, he might be ok when it comes to setting a team up against an opponent and to be fair we did well in the first half, however you could see as the half progressed the Italians came more and more into the game and he didn't respond. At half time I can only presume he told the team what we have we hold and consequently we then created very little. When the Italians made there subs and changed how they played Southgate didn't respond to the changes and consequently the Italians equalised, Second half Harry Kane spent more time in his own half than the Italians, he might be a world class striker but he is unlikely to score from there! His substitutions are predictable eg Henderson for Rice and although he is supposed to be ruthless he leaves Mount on for 98 minutes when he had done f### all in all that time. He brings on 2 specialist penalty takers with 2 minutes to go and they miss and give a 19 year old the job of scoring the vital last penalty and he to misses, priceless management. In short we got what we deserved. Nothing.

{Ed007's Note - 😂😂😂😂😂

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11 Jul 2021 23:09:34
John, absolutely bang on, we didn't deserve anything, pretty poor performance all round.

11 Jul 2021 23:18:11
Agreed lol i am well used to this tho so no crying like 90 96 and 98. I will say this grealish and sterling should be ashamed of themselves aswell as gareth mountlover even tho poor saka will probably be a better player after this. Bringing two cold subs on was also madness i was naive to believe. Rhymes lol utv.

11 Jul 2021 23:39:38
Why should Grealish be ashamed? Sterling tried but threw himself to the ground Trez/ El Ghazi style too much, Sako looked out of his depth while he was on, can’t dig him out for the pen because that was a ridiculous position for him to be put in. Tactically all wrong, fair play to Italy, they’ve been the best team of the tournament by a mile


11 Jul 2021 23:35:58
Honestly don’t know why jack should be ashamed he didn’t get much of the ball and when he did he carried it forward, don’t get me wrong I wasn’t shouting for England but only 1 guy to blame and that’s Southgate, all that attacking talent and he set his team up to defend, constantly 11 players behind the ball it was a ridiculous setup. it may of went to penalties but football won tonight.

11 Jul 2021 23:51:50
Grealish said in an interview with crouch that he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he didn't take a pen also saka is his mate i just thought he might have stepped in and said no kid let me do this but it turns out snoutgate is taking the blame as he said he was responsible for the takers down to training so for someone who knows what its like to live with missing the crucial pen, putting a baby in to shoulder the burden was disgraceful. We will be back to dissapoint again next year in qatar so let's get drunk and laugh instead😁.

12 Jul 2021 00:00:35
As with all things Southgate picked the penalty takers!

12 Jul 2021 08:40:23
When you compare the 2 groups of players last night, there isn’t a great deal in it when it comes to ability player for player.
When you compare the managers though, one is tactically astute and wants his team to go out there and play the beautiful game how it’s meant to be played and the other?
Well I think it’s all been said really, nothing more to add.
Anyway let’s get back to Villa business, I hope these Alvarez rumours are accurate, looks a cracking player. UTV.

12 Jul 2021 10:04:27
& Axel on loan/ buy, Hennessy on a free to back up Emi and Jed, and a proper defensive mid, then we’re sorted. If Jack goes he cannot be replaced, get the right defensive mid to push Luiz and McGinn more forward where imo they’d be more effective


12 Jul 2021 10:37:49
How about Boubacar Kamara for the DM Ally, only a year left on his contract and Marseille are reportedly prepared to let him go for massively less than his valuation.

12 Jul 2021 19:02:53
I see Newcastle are being linked to him Mark.

12 Jul 2021 19:29:56
Don’t know much about the fella Mark but Transfermarket have him at £33M so be interested to see what he goes for, Newcastle have been linked with him, and when I see that, I think Isaac Hayden could become available, just what we need and Prem experience, and you’d get him for £20M or less




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