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11 Jul 2021 11:18:11
Just thinking out loud again. so the Kappa kit deal ends at the end of next season, I'd bet that for 22/ 23 we have an Adidas kit and from what I've been reading, Wes Edens is part of the consortium that's taking over Morrison's supermarkets. The interesting bit is that part of this consortium is the Koch family, who just happen to be the 2nd richest family in the USA who have a a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. So if Wes is close to these people, maybe our shirt sponsor might come from 1 of their companies? So going on that, by my reckoning we'll be able to compete with Citeh, PSG etc, you can sponsor a shirt for £1 or £1B if you want = revenue = FFP shouldn't be a problem, just putting it out there


{Ed002's Note - Have you been at the brown acid?}

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11 Jul 2021 11:45:44
My bad, we’re only Villa, if Citeh can be sponsored by the owners aunties brother in laws son for stupid money then I suppose Villa can’t as well, that would be soooo unfair 🙄


{Ed002's Note - Clearly you don't understand the situation at all.}

11 Jul 2021 12:07:20
Explain it then?


{Ed002's Note - What do you want explained - it was all rubbish.}

11 Jul 2021 12:50:25
Wes Edens is pally with Charles and David Koch Ally.

11 Jul 2021 14:00:51
Maybe next season we can have a shirt where the badges don't peel off after a wash stupidly i bought the away kit and 2 training tops last season what a waste of 150 squid and i won't be doing the same until krappa hit the road.

11 Jul 2021 15:16:52
Ed, I would like you to explain the situation, it seems to be your area of expertise, if a situation where our owner who is connected to some mega rich people who decide to sponsor us for mega money which they are free to do, then why wouldn’t we be able to compete with the clubs I mentioned?


{Ed002's Note - This is all complete nonsense - you are simply making this all up. Nobody is going to be pouring Billions in to Aston Villa.}

11 Jul 2021 15:47:14
Could this be a Koch and bull story Ally? 🤔.

11 Jul 2021 15:56:41
Regardless of what has been said, Wes Edens is working very closely with the Koch family, and the consortium involved with Morrisons.

11 Jul 2021 17:21:36
But they can pour billions in if they want, do you think if Newcastle had got taken over by the Saudis (government) they wouldn’t have maybe renamed St James/ Sports Direct park/ arena or whatever it’s called, and their shirt sponsor by someone they’re connected with, to get around FFP by paying over the odds for the right to do that? Loose change to some of them people. So I’m not talking nonsense, just pointing out that something like that could happen, just like how Citeh who were essentially a yo yo mid table team can have silly money pumped into them and buy success (domestically 😉) why can’t anyone else? Instead of being insulting, give an actual answer


{Ed002's Note - No. I don't think you understand at all.}

11 Jul 2021 21:15:48
Good non answer 🤷🏼‍♂️


11 Jul 2021 19:55:44
Watch the space and watch NSWE exploit every available avenue to get us on par with some of the clubs above us, they ain’t spending 100 million a year just to keep us in the league they want to make villa 1 of the biggest brands in the country, no club will be top of the table forever, we will get up with the best of them if our owners continue with their vision and continue to invest, when arsenal were the invincibles who would of thought that city would take over, like ally said they were a yo yo mid table club, who would of thought Leicester would win a league and looks like they have replaced Spurs in the big 6, it may take a few years but we are going places if we can continue improving and don’t once again become a selling club. we don’t need billions invested or spent we need millions every year which NSWE have shown they will do, and it will not surprise me 1 bit to see them bring in more billionaires to help with the progression, like I said it won’t happen overnight but give it 3-5 years and see where we are at before rubbishing our chances of returning to where we have being in the past, 1 of the biggest clubs in English football.

{Ed002's Note - The club is not worth anywhere close to £1B and doesn't even own its own ground. Why would anyone be throwing money at it? You are simply fantasising.}



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