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08 Jul 2021 08:46:41
Really don't understand the furore with the subbing of Grealish last night, and I've been Southgates biggest critic at times.

He wanted to go to a back 5 and see the game out, Sterling was absolutely flying, Foden had played 5 minutes and it was them two or Grealish. The only argument I can see is this could bite us in the arse when we play Italy, as Sterling was still making driving lung busting runs in the 120th minute, he only has 3 days to recover, but Grealish took it well and understood the sacrifice for the team, and dancing round to sweet Caroline on the pitch he didn't seem to care one bit!

In my opinion it probably made the task more difficult than it needed to be switching to the back 5, that coupled with taking off the one player who can relieve pressure by holding onto the ball and winning fouls further up the pitch. There was a spell just before the end where the ball just kept coming back, Pickfords clearances were poor and we were under pressure, there i thought we were about to come unstuck and it would all be about "why take Grealish off" etc etc, but ultimately that was short lived and we got the task done.

Unfortunately this has been used by a very minute section of 'fans' to have a pop at Grealish, same fans have done similar with other players throughout the tournament and will continue to do so no matter what, that's just them.

Win on Sunday and that's all that matters!

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08 Jul 2021 10:11:09
Chris, I guess it depends on whether you take the view that the end justifies the means, as you say Jack looks after the ball keeps possession in tight spots attracts fouls and has the ability to run the clock down that being the case why would you take him off? When we went to a back five we invited pressure from a team who for the previous 20 minutes or so had looked out on there feet as it happens it worked out ok but I don’t understand why you would take the risk particularly as Pickford looked nervy his kicking was poor and he seems to have developed a worrying predilection for punching rather than catching the ball. The real test comes now I guess when we come up against the team I think that have been the most consistent in the tournament Italy.

08 Jul 2021 10:36:43
Agree John, Sunday is a massive test and Phillips and Pickford in particular have to deal with the nerves better!

08 Jul 2021 19:39:13
I’ve seen it in a Villa tinted glasses way, reckon he took Jack off because he will start the final, imagine the fouls/ free kicks he’s going to get, play him centrally/ No10 too, but don’t let Sterling take the free kicks 😂


08 Jul 2021 20:11:04
We switched to a back 5 because in this tournament when the Danes were behind in games they switch to a 424 formation, so switching to a back 5 was the right decision. Also we had a spell in the 2nd period of extra time where we kept the ball for 2 mins 31 seconds. The game management was spot on.



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