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24 Jun 2021 06:39:42
So, the last 16 tie on Tuesday- one by nature is dour, unimaginative, sticklers for discipline and very reserved- the other team is the Germans.

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24 Jun 2021 14:31:02
Bang on moose, the sad thing is 95% of fans and pundits alike can see it but the idiot who matters doesn't.

24 Jun 2021 14:52:58
Yes Moose, spot on mate.
Like Scotty has said, we can all see it, even our Grandson can see it, and that says it all, he is 11 years old. "Crazy"

24 Jun 2021 15:30:50
3 games, 3 clean sheets. No point going gung ho and losing. The balance will come and so will the goals.

24 Jun 2021 15:56:47
I wish I shared your optimism Buck, sadly I don't not with this clueless clown in charge unless the plan of attack is to bore the opposition defeat. " Quick! The keepers asleep, bundle one in "

24 Jun 2021 16:37:55
I don’t think it’s as simple as boring teams and us to death during the group stages, turning on the tap and all of a sudden we play attractive free flowing football it doesn’t work like that unfortunately under Southgate the team has no rhythm.

24 Jun 2021 16:58:55
We'll soon find out Tuesday evening, and to be fair apart from Italy has any team looked good for all of their group games?

24 Jun 2021 17:27:54
No Buck, but they have looked better than us.
I also think there are at least five teams that have performed better than us.
Time will tell, and everything crossed, legs as well.

24 Jun 2021 20:47:24
Well with my well worn beer goggles on we're going to look like a cross between Brazil 70 and Holland 88!

24 Jun 2021 21:38:08
I'm sure you can find a Dutch Brazilian in some of the, shall we say, the more disreputable areas of Amsterdam 🤔.

24 Jun 2021 22:39:21
Hahaha, if only we could travel!



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