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07 Jun 2021 19:03:41
How true do people think the JWP transfer is?

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07 Jun 2021 19:49:05
I believe we have interest in him but not sure if it will happen, will depend how bad smith wants him, if he tells nswe that he’s that important I have no doubt they will put an attractive package together for player and club, his free kicks paired with jacks ability to win them could be an unbelievable combination.

07 Jun 2021 20:11:45
From what I've read it's very true that we are interested, whether it happens or not is a different story - Think that's a transfer where the player would need to force the issues and not sure JWP would do that! Would be a massive signing if it happens!

07 Jun 2021 20:51:51
Been at Southampton all his life guys, so would he pull up anchor for us, I am not sure, a bit like Jack really on the loyalty front.

07 Jun 2021 22:34:13
JWP won’t sign for Villa as you only sign Championship level players.

07 Jun 2021 22:43:26
Southampton are a selling club though, not much ambition there to push for Europe, they sell all their best players, VVD and mane to name a couple in recent years, there are another few but not going to embarrass myself with the spellings lol. hard 1 to call but I think in their book everyone is for sale if the price is right and they had a poor season so funds needed for investment.

08 Jun 2021 08:37:52
Southampton have said he’s not for sale at any price. Only way he would leave would be if he throws his toys out the pram, which as he’s club captain, a saints fan and part of the club since an early age he’s not going to do. The club will be moving on to other targets.

08 Jun 2021 10:07:38
Neve you say about championship players but the players we have brought last season were fantastic cash and Watkins would walk into your team if they only had one leg, well I guess hop into your team. Wolves brought semado fair enough in his day was decent but is no longer any good hence why Barcelona sold him. Then you brought some spotty unproven kid for 35m please don’t get to jealous. I’m predicting an even bigger gap next season. Let the chants continue.



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