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06 May 2021 17:23:37
I have been monitoring with great interest, the unwinding of the story surrounding Carney Chukwuemeka.
The more I read into it, the more I feel there is great substance to the story, and we could indeed lose him.
This story could be the beginning of a far bigger picture, a picture that will prove what some of us have been saying for a very long time.
Although we appear to be making progress with the development of young talent, I fear it will not be used for the benefit of our own club.
I hate to say it, but I think there is a lot of porkies and false hope, being showered on our youngsters and fans.
I will say it again, our young players need to be shown belief, and given the chance to play on the stage they crave.
To the top people and management at Villa park, "WAKE UP".

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06 May 2021 18:06:34
Spot on dave I've been saying for weeks we need to look at them in the first team or they will go. Not all together but one at a time. Chuck, Barry and a couple of others between now and the end of the season.

06 May 2021 18:15:59
Genuinely interested where you have done more reading into this. And what other sources you’ve been able to access? It’s been known for a long while that many of England and Europe’s biggest clubs held an interest in Carney. they did BEFORE he signed his contract only a little over 6 months ago.

Since signing that deal, he has promoted to train with the first team regularly (one of those to miss the Liverpool FA Cup game due to being part of the first team bubble), he’s travelled with the squad, and made the bench twice at the age of 17.

We are not Blues. if we were in their position I’m sure he’d have been in the side at a bottom-half championship club, same as Bellingham was for them. Reality is we are many, many levels above them. So it’ll be much harder to break into the first team.

Given he’s a part of the squad, if he was ready to start. he would. Smith has shown his willingness to trust young players in how he’s utilised JJ. I find it bizarre that we’d encourage a mentality to force management to pick a player who’s only shown in U18 FA Youth Cup games that he has promise, but not yet that he’s necessarily ready for the EPL.

The only story I’ve seen remains that Football Insider BS that’s been regurgitated across a number of sites but had zero substance. Broken promises? What promises could have been made that can possibly have been broken?

I’d say. have some faith. Dean has said there’s a plan for him. He, and Kesler-Hayden, will be the next two to follow in JJ’s footsteps, and will be involved in pre-season, and in the cup games next season. They’ll get on the bench. And when they are ready, they’ll play.

I think the club is absolutely doing everything right in terms of the academy investment, the recruitment, and the new performance centre. Big things are happening.

06 May 2021 18:43:39
Ant, when I say read into it, I mean I use my own intuition, and imagination, combined with information from friends and also the media.
I have seen probably 10 different snippets on the subject, so I can only say look around, you will no doubt find them.
I am not saying its fact, what I have said is, I feel more inclined to believe there is something is in it, therefore I would not be surprised if it were true.
Personally I don`t buy into this, if we were this, and we were that, get them blooded.
Ant, I am like you as far as information is concerned, I read what I am presented with, you then make of it what you will.
And in my opinion, I don`t think we show enough faith in our young talent.

06 May 2021 18:50:49
After they made it to the youth cup final it was agreed by first team coaches, youth team coaches and a select 4 or 5 youth team players that would potentially be in the first team match day squad (as they had been) that they no longer would be in order to keep that squad together and give them the best chance of winning the final. Hence why since the Baggies game, non of them have been involved👍.

06 May 2021 19:06:33
Well we won’t have to wait too long to find out whose right.

06 May 2021 19:09:48
100% agree Ant, I'd be absolutely AMAZED (capitals for emphasis LOL) if there isn't a plan in place for our youth set up - This isn't Villa of 10 years ago, the club is being rejuvenated top to bottom behind the scenes and I'd be shocked if the people in charge have made such a glaring error in judgement. Fully expect Chukwuemeka to get first team minutes pre season, and integrated into the squad when fully ready. Also, and this complete speculation, but he may be the reason why we only loaned a creative mid in the summer, either way I trust the club.

06 May 2021 19:13:52
Yeah I can understand that mentality chris, and fully support it mate.
But that also proves that although Chukky was on the bench, he was never going to get on the pitch anyway.

06 May 2021 21:09:28
I think the last time he was on the bench was just before their semi final win against Newcastle, I think anyway, which would explain it.

06 May 2021 21:48:56
Yes mate I think you are right.
You seem a bit down chris, are you ok mate.
Its strange because I can sense something in your posts.

06 May 2021 22:10:08
It’s all hearsay, he’s going nowhere unless it’s for stupid money wit huge sell on clauses. just paper rubbish. it’s a bit like that part in JANGO UNCHAINED “ why do they call him Eskimo joe? I don’t know maybe he said he was cold 1 time” 😂😂 papers and dodgey sites talking their usual rubbish, they get maybe 1 in 20 transfer rumours correct.

07 May 2021 08:43:54
No mate all good here, thanks for asking though, hope your well!



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