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04 May 2021 21:05:34
A number of posters on here have previously waxed lyrical about Andrea Bellotti from Torino well apparently he will be available in the summer for £22 million, so my question is to those who know more about Bellotti than I do, would you take him over Tammy?

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04 May 2021 21:08:52
From what I've season, which in the last season hasn’t been much but saw quite a bit the two seasons prior, I can’t understand why they’d let him go for 22 million, I’d of expected double that if not more.

Very different playing style to Tammy so hard to judge, he’s a lot more clinical than the Tammy we saw at Villa, but not as physical.

04 May 2021 21:24:08
I think we were reading the same article at the same time John 😂 from what I’ve read about him, he’s a proper club man, captain of Torino, he’s 27 so should be peaking around now, I’ve posted that he’d be a Carew type of signing, he didn’t do too bad for us did he 🤷🏼‍♂️


{Ed002's Note - Belotti won’t be signing for Aston Villa.}

04 May 2021 21:33:07
Ed 02 you are great at telling us who won’t be signing for us, how about telling us some who will.

{Ed002's Note - I can tell you where there is known interest in players (for example, Aston Villa have spoken with Chelsea about Ruben Loftus-Cheek’s availability), but you don’t seem interested in that - it is just a series of fantasy football stuff that seems to be of interest.}

04 May 2021 21:57:06
Even when we have a declared interest in a player for example Olise you are quite confident he won’t sign so when we identify the likes of Depay and to a certain extent Bellotti I can understand why particularly in the case of Depay we haven’t got a prayer of signing because he will definitely have better options available than us, and with Bellotti again if we were interested we would definitely be outsiders although clubs like Utd have turned there nose up at him in the past so who knows, but why are you so confident that a mid table premiership side has no chance of signing an up and coming championship midfielder?

{Ed002's Note - Because there are far more attractive clubs interested and he wants to go elsewhere. I have explained all of this already.}

04 May 2021 22:06:06
Just let people debate players and discuss them, no one on here has once said we’re signing any of these players, in every case it’s “we would like Villa to sign X, Y and Z”. No ones saying it’s happening or going to happen, just opinions and debate.

What’s the point in a discussion site if you attempt to stop every discussion before it starts?

04 May 2021 22:22:25
Attractive in your eyes maybe, but its his eyes that are making the decisions.

04 May 2021 22:45:31
Do these more attractive clubs have nicer benches? Perhaps with a games console 🤷🏼‍♂️


05 May 2021 21:25:42
Don't get the "he'll never join Villa" opinions - We aren't talking about Mbappe or Haaland, it's Bellotti whos 27 and has played for Torino for the last 6 years. Personally I don't think we would be interested as he goes against our transfer policy but if we were I'd be confident we could sign him.

{Ed002's Note - What a stupid post - some of these are getting embarrassing.}



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