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02 May 2021 08:21:05
We have talked over the last few weeks about the players we might like to see join us in the summer and those we would be happy to ship out to other clubs. However I think it is likely that we will get offers for players that ideally would want to keep so the likes of Grealish, Watkins, Konsa, Martinez, McGinn, whilst we all know Jack has an allegiance to the club the others do not so my question is if big bids come in, do we let any of them go? and as we all know every player has his price and so for those named above what would that price be?

My other question surrounds El ghazi he has always been on my list of players that I would ship out, predominantly because of his inconsistency but in fairness to him he has contributed valuable goals at crucial times in games and therefore I am wondering whether we should we keep him as a squad player and invest our transfer budget in other areas of the pitch. Any thoughts?

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02 May 2021 09:00:33
We need to keep of all of the above John if we really want to push on. Regarding El Ghazi, he's frustrating, he's definitely got it in his locker to be a top notch player. It's just consistency he needs, maybe a confidence thing but his goal celebration last night said " look at me, that's what I CAN do " he just needs to do it on a regular basis. I suppose it doesn't help he's in and out of the starting XI.
As for Barkley if yesterday's and the start of the seasons performances were the norm he would definitely be worth buying. Who knows why his game fell off a cliff? There may of been circumstances we're not privy to. But yesterday he was instrumental in the victory along with many others. He just needs, like El Ghazi, to do it on a regular basis. We've all panned him over the last few months but I'll be happy to be proved wrong and eat humble pie.

02 May 2021 09:12:26
I just think back to how good he was as a kid at Ajax, he was Ronaldo good, another comparison I can make is with Giggs. When Giggs first broke through he was unplayable and I thought to myself ‘they’re going to win everything with that kid and he hasn’t even peaked yet! ’ But Giggs became a different type of player as he got older. El Ghazi has a role at Villa, I’m hoping he matures like Giggs did (on the pitch 😂) and becomes a Villa legend. So the short answer is ‘yes’ to keeping El Ghazi. As for any bids coming in for the players you listed John, the only 1 I’d consider (controversially) is Martinez, if a bid come in at over £50M he can be replaced, don’t want to even think about him leaving, think we should be building around that core of players


02 May 2021 10:05:45
Good questions John, and as you say it’s highly likely there will be interest in the players you mention.
Our hierarchy will be faced with some tough decisions this Summer I think. There may well be interest in Cash, Mings, and Targett also. Unless very inflated bids come in for any of those 8 players then, we need to be keeping them at the club, and the improved contracts they have received will certainly help to achieve that.
However as you say, every player does have his price, and so my very inflated prices would be;
Grealish- 100 million
Watkins - 70 million
Konsa- 60 million
Martinez- 60 million
McGinn - 50 million
Mings - 45 million
Cash - 40 million
Targett - 35 million
Regarding El Ghazi, there’s a great player in there and occasionally we see those flashes of brilliance, such as the goal he scored last night. However for the best part of that game, he looked like our weakest link. If only he could find that consistency, maybe he will, more likely he won’t.
If we are looking to bring in more quality in the attacking areas, AEG will find it difficult to get very much game time, and personally I would like to see some of our youngsters promoted to the first team squad in preference.
However we shouldn’t be giving him away and imho, we should be looking for 12-15 million for him.

02 May 2021 16:33:41
Only price I can disagree with Mark is for Grealish, £150M or do 1 Citeh, Barca, Real.


02 May 2021 17:48:27
For me AEG has to stay unless we are buying 2 big money wingers, 8 goals this season for a winger and a player not playing every game it’s a great return from him, some important goals also, probably some of our goals of the season scored by him he has quality in his locker, looks like he will have a run of games now and if he scores 10 or more goals then that’s a great haul for him he has to stay, not as a starter but he’s a solid squad player.

02 May 2021 18:52:15
Agree Whacky, but he has to improve his consistency, and try not to drop his head when things are not going well.
I do like him though to be fair, and hope he stays and becomes a better player.



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