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30 Apr 2021 22:40:31
Rk, I have been occupied tonight, so I have not been all that active on here tonight.
So I thought I would catch up on what has been been said, I did notice a post of yours directed at me timed, 30 Apr 2021 06:17:51.
Thank you for such a glowing report, it appears your bullheaded ideas have got the better of you this time.
No the world doesn't revolve around me, I am not like that, but don`t try and make me out to be some sort of moron, with comments like you have followed up with.
If you think Scotty has been rude, read over how you have tried to portray me.

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01 May 2021 06:42:47
Dave, it's not exactly like you were courteous to myself prior to that. If I had a conversation with you in the pub and responded "people are. " then I clearly haven't aimed it at you but every time I say things like that here you fly off the handle thinking you're the subject of the comments.
Nobody should have to name names in that context. You have a recent habit of not fully reading posts and going off on tangents that weren't there sometimes.
I responded to your aggression with frustration which maybe I could have dealt with slightly better.
A lot if your posts suggest you either subconsciously put yourself in the camp that some of us keep referring to or you actually want to join their camp. If that's the case then I will stop trying to have any debates with you and would appreciate the same back.

01 May 2021 14:09:06
I don`t join any camp mate, I have my own camp, I either agree or I disagree with posters.
And yes you could have responded better, but you didn`t, one thing I dislike is being talked down too, and that is what you try to do.
So I agree with your last sentence, I will keep well away from your posts, I am done.

01 May 2021 14:16:38
If I could I would red card the pair of you.

Respect has gone, common sense has gone, courtesy has gone.
If you can't say it face to face then keep quiet.

Think about the pair of you in the same team. Chaos.
Same side or not I would tackle both of you.

Regardless of the subject, you are allowed your own opinion.
Keep it clean and mind your manners.

Social media stinks.

01 May 2021 14:50:57
I have to agree Oldvillan, hope you and yours are well.

01 May 2021 15:01:19
One of us has tried to register their misgivings here on multiple occasions and the other won't acknowledge their part in it.
I own what I say, some of it may be rash but it's always in turn. I'll leave that as my last turn full stop because funnily enough the ones who keep saying everyone should be allowed an opinion are the first to complain when other people have one.

01 May 2021 21:13:23
To many posts aimed at other posters, save the criticism or the applaud for the team, it’s not a “who’s right” page it’s a villa page everyone is entitled to their opinion if you don’t agree it’s ok to say “I don’t agree” and follow up with your own opinion. people are entitled to post whenever they feel like it and it’s only when we lose that’s entirely fine or if it’s only when we lose that’s fine aswel but people’s thoughts and opinions are theirs to voice when they feel like it not when someone else feels they should or shouldn’t.



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