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29 Apr 2021 19:47:56
In response to Daz lower down.
I think I am one of the people you are referring to below.
I have grasped everything mate,
I know exactly what is going on at VP, and yes steady progress is being made, yes it does take time.
I think some, and that includes you Daz, have behaved like I did back in the day, I would not hear a bad word said about Villa, I have now grown out of that.
Initially what was said by myself and one or two others, was that we seemed to be reverting back to our previous form, and that some players were under performing, and Jack was still playing at the time.
That upset some people, so you and some other posters jumped on us and labeled us as doom and gloomers.
We were not asking for Deano`s head, we were questioning, and to question something, you have to ask a question, or make a remark based on observations.
Its very unfortunate that people get upset simply because we question something.
What Ed001 has said is pretty much what we are saying, has Deano Stalled, and some players are clearly lacking quality and found wanting.
That still answers no questions, it is and opinion, simple as.
I love Villa just like you do mate.

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29 Apr 2021 20:40:00
Yeah it's like no one is aloud any opinions they got shot down and people get defensive, like I said a few months back were not all going to agree on things its football if we all agreed it would be pointless, I go on other villa sites and people don't take posts serious, it's people opinions after all.

29 Apr 2021 21:30:13
Some of us aren't refusing to hear a bad word about Villa but we also look past results and realistically view what is there.
The issues we had were the fact from that very first negative result people started throwing around terms like "championship at best"
Some of us prefer to build up the players that deserve it and pick out the good parts of the play that can be worked upon. 3 iffy performances in and we were suddenly Sheffield United.
There have been bits of naivety here and there but we're really nothing like we were for the middle section of last season, it just looks that way because of the fact its being compared to the start of this season. Average looks bad when compared to excellent, doesn't make it terrible.
Almost everyone agreed at the start of the season 12th or above was the aim. We'll almost definitely achieve that but as usual expectations changed on a sixpence and went through the roof.

29 Apr 2021 21:58:24
Rk the three iffy performances you mention, happens to be 13 games mate.
Look back, and you can clearly see we almost became a very average side overnight, round about the Burnley game.
Before that game we were playing really good stuff, then for some reason Watkins started becoming isolated, midfield got bypassed, and that never got addressed, and it is still the case today, why.

29 Apr 2021 22:48:28
Missing the point again, most of my ire came when it was 3. You stayed fairly balanced at that point but that is when the pitchforks were truly out.
Like I said, I see it as average. We're mainly not putting away the chances we were before. We had 'iffy' games in our good run but converted the chances we needed to whereas now its not quite happening.
Overnight was a C.V. outbreak, no coincidence. We don't have the squad to 'address' things which Smith has come out saying is the plan for next season. Right now as soon as someone comes back into the fold someone else seems to get injured leaving us short of options.
I'm sure the coaches have tried to address things with the plans going into games but the players on the pitch have to make the right decisions at the right times and it's just not clicking right now.
Some think 4-4-2 is the way and that's fair enough. I think it goes through the middle too easily as it is and that would work against us, I would switch the 2 and the 1 around though for more effective pressing.
I might be considered by some as overly positive but I feel I post good and bad points about specific aspects of each match with suggestions of what I think could have worked better in the relevant situations.
What I don't consider productive posting is lambasting the team at every opportunity without actually bringing anything to the party. That and never once praising an undeniably good performance is poor form in my book.

29 Apr 2021 23:12:54
I don`t want a lesson in tactics rk, I am just asking people to stop complaining and labeling, when I make a comment on the football being dished out.
You have just said it goes through the middle too easily and you would switch this and that.
So that points to you having issues, correct? otherwise you would not say anything.
And I do not lambast the team at every opportunity, far from it.

30 Apr 2021 06:17:51
The world doesn't revolve around you Dave. Just because you express a level of displeasure doesn't mean those speaking out against a certain gang are specifically referencing you every time.
If you do want something aimed at you then it's the fact you've stopped putting in the same effort into analysis that you used to. Your posts have started to become slightly cookie cutter in their approach without really offering up anything new whuch I have found has changed our dynamic in debate.
Your attitude to others is also becoming pretty piss poor mate. I simply offered up my opinion of a tweak to the system compared to others suggestions, doesn't mean I'm trying to teach tactics.
You have regularly joined in with calling the opposite side different forms of clueless for not agreeing with you, you're not a victim here more than anyone else.

30 Apr 2021 07:33:45
Dave for the last time we have the youngest squad we have a young manager we are in the PL sitting 11th after being out of the PL for god knows and you and a few others have the audacity to moan and point your fingers at my team and manager your team and manager after what's gone on? we nearly lost our club for gods sake be thankfull and happy that you have a club to support not ridicule because we are having a bad patch.

30 Apr 2021 07:46:27
We also have the best coaches we've had in years and years ie JT CS NC all who have more knowledge in the game than any fans and to Judge DS is like judging them too. Dave its nothing personal don't take things to heart mate just look at the bigger picture what is going on and in time I'm sure you will see like so many on here see that our club is on the verge of something good just please don't jump on the bandwagon that's going in the opposite direction.

30 Apr 2021 08:39:16
Been watching the site for a while and it seems nothing has changed.
A simple difference of opinion becomes outbreak of war.
We can't agree to disagree.
Its easier to not bother.

30 Apr 2021 09:29:51
I agree TOV, we are not all going to agree on the way forward and I think what makes the site so good is that clearly we all care about our club that comes across loud and clear, but the thought provoking input that, certainly in my case anyway makes me reflect that I might not have considered something fully and occasionally makes me stop and think! So in terms of the ongoing discussion I think Daz you are absolutely spot on, we are a young squad with a young manager both of whom are finding there way in the premiership and with the right investment will in my opinion go from strength to strength. I do think however Dave has a valid point, he was I think the first one of us who identified a problem with teams playing through our midfield with alarming regularity when a number of us me included thought it was just a blip, so to my mind it’s fair enough to call that out, you might not agree with it, you might think it’s wide of the mark but it’s a valid opinion which we are all entitled to have, let’s not denigrate individuals for having different points of view after all that’s what makes the site so entertaining and at the end of the day we are all after the same thing a successful AVFC.



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