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29 Apr 2021 13:56:43
Am I seriously seeing some Villa fans on Twitter against signing Tammy Abraham in the summer for 40M?

What's the thoughts on the site lads?

For me, if he's available at 40M it's a no brainer - Think he would absolutely smash it in the current Villa side nevermind the much improved side we will start next season with.

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29 Apr 2021 14:36:29
When Barkley is valued at the same price and Tammy is 3 years younger and actually gives a s##t when he plays its a yes for me. Him and Ollie could forge a very promising partnership that we haven't seen since prime Gabby and Carew- who's still bigger than me and you 😁, and Saunders and Atkinson (that's Dean and Dalian, not the two Ronnie's 🤓🤓) 👍.

29 Apr 2021 15:04:39
BK, what would you prefer to see if we sign Tammy?
Playing both Ollie and Tammy together or using them in rotation, and sticking with the same 4-2-3-1 formation
I would go with playing both of them, Ollie has a knack of drifting out wide to great effect, and takes central defenders with him when he does this. This I think would create a lot of space and opportunities for Tammy. I’m sure Tammy would benefit enormously from Ollie’s selfless and intelligent mouvement.
In a deflated market though following the losses in revenues this season, 40 million does seem a bit on the high side for me. When you consider what we paid for Ollie, and for me he is the better all round player. Tammy is probably a better chance taker than Ollie, but Ollie has so many elements to his game, that Tammy somewhat lacks.
Playing them in tandem though, I think they would compliment each other, and so I would be all for getting him in, but hopefully for a bit less than 40 million.

29 Apr 2021 15:36:29
Tell them we'll give them 10m and promise to keep Barkley, he can help out selling programs outside the ground or give Jack some fashion tips. Winner winner chicken dinner, they'll snap our bloody hands off 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

29 Apr 2021 16:02:35
I like Tammy but I don’t see Deano playing with two up top any time soon, he does seem stubbornly wedded to the 4-2-3-1 type of system so if we do sign him, then it means moving Watkins out wide and whilst I know he has played there before for both Brentford and Exeter I am not sure it’s where you will get the best out of him. The other thing is we currently have wide players and full backs who deliver quality crosses into the box which is an area which we haven’t exploited particularly well and that isn’t a particular strength of Tammy’s either, so if I am honest I think I would rather we signed an old fashioned type of centre forward who is good in the air, holds the ball up well and bullies centre backs, someone a bit like Davis but more prolific, as much as anything else it gives us someone who we can give us a Plan B alternative when the original game plan isn’t working which is something I think most of us have said is something which has been sadly lacking this season.

29 Apr 2021 17:15:02
Mark, I think what Tammy would offer is a different player to what we have - Watkins offers energy and movement but maybe lacks that killer instinct in front of goal (not a criticism, I love the guy), Wesley is powerful and offers a plan B, but Tammy is a goal poacher and in this team would clean up.

He would also give us options, let's be honest Smith isn't changing his favoured formation but Tammy would allow Watkins to play left of the forward line on occasion with Grealish more central. And if needed at times during games we could go 2 up top.

Most of all though, it offers competition for places and that is something we are seriously lacking in this team, our best 11 picks itself every week, no questions asked. Drop a few Tammy Abraham-esque signings in certain positions and watch complacency rates drop dramatically.

Really excited about this summer, think we will make some big moves and push on again next season.



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