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29 Apr 2021 07:42:57
I'd love a couple of Eds take on Dean Smith and your thoughts on what some people are saying?

{Ed001's Note - I have no idea what some people are saying. And by take on him, what do you mean by that? Do you mean how he is doing? I would say he is doing about as good a job as he can in the circumstances of this season. You need a bit of normality before you can judge him, but he has clearly made progress and surely that should be what you are looking for? The only question for me is whether he has reached his peak and stalled, hence the poor recent results, or whether those results are down to current circumstances?

I don't think anyone can answer that, as it is impossible to tell due to this season's unique nature. The games are coming too thick and fast for a coach to have enough effect to fix any issues that arise. So a lot of it comes to down to the individual quality of the players, quite simply Villa's individual quality is not that good in Premier League terms. Overall, I mean. There are a few, such as the keeper, that stand out, but mostly you have a core of players, such as Trezeguet and Traore, that have shown flashes of quality throughout their career but tend to struggle to produce it consistently.

Hardly really a surprise as you have not long returned to the Prem, so you need time to rebuild the squad. Personally I think Smith deserves to be give that time before he is judged.}

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29 Apr 2021 09:13:56
Summed up perfectly Thank You Ed I think some on her just can't grasp what's happened this season its our 2nd year back and some want miracles its just not going to happen overnight we are light years away from the Spurs and Leicesters of the League sacking someone for the sake of it is just not right in my honest opinion.

{Ed001's Note - people lack patience these days it must be said. No one seems to understand the value in waiting and working for something. My parents would save up when they wanted something and buy it when they had the money. These days people buy it first, then pay it off later. That is the mentality in football too, which is why so many managers are sacked for no real reason.}

29 Apr 2021 10:03:14
Thats very true Ed. We had a fantastic start to the season and the football was great to watch unfortunately after our CV outbreak we seemed to have steered off the road a bit. Me personally don't think that's down to Dean and his staff its down to games in days and the fatigue of CV afterall footballers are athletes also Its no coincidence that there are more injuries this season to players due too the amount of games played in time frame. Us as a club are heading in the right direction under our present staff but some just can't see this and to be honest that's why I feel so passionate when it comes to Dean and the staff they are the right people for the job.

{Ed001's Note - exactly, it is telling how much better the team with by far the biggest and strongest squad has looked than everyone else this season. Pep has been able to constantly rest and rotate throughout the season, no one else has had that luxury, and it has helped them look even better than they are. Everyone else is struggling to perform consistently as players are tired, others are missing through injury and the coaching has been mostly limited to recovery work between games as there is no time for actual coaching.}

29 Apr 2021 10:25:27
Many thanks Ed for your take and time on things. So for all those who question Dean and his staff ability to manage and do tactics for a match its like most have been saying give him time and we will reap the benefits. don't forget last season we had to buy near on a new team and I think if you put your hand on your hearts you can't say we have had a bad season really. A few more additions and let's kick on for next season in the words of George Michael "Youve got to have Faith"

{Ed001's Note - very welcome daz.}

29 Apr 2021 14:41:38
Some very valid points in there guys I agree with some of the points made. however I feel dean had a large part to play in our players getting tired early in the season with his persistence in not making subs till the last few mins in the first 18 games, even when we were winning comfortably. He was 100% at fault against the baggies he stood watching us dominate them without final product for at least 25-30 mins more than he should have, just like the Fulham game when he made subs the game changed and we got something from it but could of being 3 points instead of 1 v West Brom, in my opinion he’s to afraid to get beaten with his team selection, for instance Sheffield, Fulham, West Brom, Newcastle all these games starting with such a defensive setup when those teams have struggled all season, we shouldn’t need 2 CDM’s against the relegation clubs, no ambition whatsoever he’s a decent manager but not and never will be a great 1 in my opinion, look at Brentford for example they were always a decent team under him but he couldn’t take them any further than just outside playoff places, he leaves and along with a lot of their best players and straight away they in the playoffs 2 years running.
fair enough our players are suffering from fatigue but so are every other team, he’s not getting his team selection right he’s not getting the best out of what’s available and he’s afraid to take any risk even though we are safe with nothing to play for. Conor and Freddie have also being a big loss they should never of bring let go on loan.
I’m grateful for everything he’s done for us I really am but my opinion remains “he’s reached his peak he’s never getting us ahead of the teams currently above us, if we want to push on to the next level we need a better manager with more experience at top level. u can say he’s still learning but he didn’t learn from the Fulham game and it cost us against West Brom and could of being worse if West Brom hadn’t completely f**ked it up. the club is bigger than 1 person Aston Villa will still be here when we are all dead and gone. this year was a huge opportunity for us but he’s sh** the bed in my humble opinion.

29 Apr 2021 15:42:10
I think the same people think he's the king on here just because he supports villa, he's not a good manager at I've said it a few times if we want to go to next level deano is not the man to lead us there we need a big name manager, not a championship manager and before people have a go at me it's my opinion, I think villa go do a lot better but if people are happy with what's going fair play but all I can say is if he's still in charge nxt season nothing will change and we probably end up in bottom half again.

29 Apr 2021 16:13:33
What like Big Sam or Sean Dyche? youve mentioned them names before Villa4eva and exactly where are they? Utterly clueless!

29 Apr 2021 16:22:57
Whack with all due respect we are still building from last season Jesus Christ. Weve had to build a completely new squad from 2 years ago do you not get it? Championship players coming into the Big boys league learning our manager learning old players learning coaches learning our owners learning me learning you learning you learn something new everyday. It baffles me really does how you cannot see the bigger picture what's going on. All the teams above us are 10 PLUS year vetrans of the PL with squad depth and experience its like me going in the ring with Fury.

29 Apr 2021 17:05:32
I did want big Sam in championship and ghost season because let's be honest we were lucky daz, whys is it clueless to change to get a better manager and to progress to nxt level?

29 Apr 2021 17:11:08
It's about opinions and views other people want different things for there club, but I respect your opinion but mine won't change, we won't be top 8 team with Smith in charge not a chance in a million yrs.

30 Apr 2021 01:15:16
Daz I know we are still building I get that but it’s the simple things he’s not doing right that bug me the most. We were behind on Sunday after a few mins of the second half but he waited till the 78th min to make a change, we needed a goal so he took off a cm and put on another cm? That makes sense to you after how we turned it around against Fulham with the extra striker? 3 goals in 13 mins or something like that when the proper subs were made with over 20 mins left on the clock. he had 2 strikers on the bench so he had the options available. real good managers earn their money by picking the right team and making the right subs when needed and he’s not consistent enough with those 2 simple aspects of management in my book. Davis had 10 mins on the pitch he had at least 3 shots on goal in that period 1 goal 1 hit the post and the other I remember was a timid enough shot on target, he done more in that 10 mins than most of the guys on the pitch. W have being poor now for about 12-13 games it’s not just a bad patch it’s our form, you can’t just say “oh we are going to buy in the summer so we will automatically be better cause it will take players a while to bed in, plus everyone else will buy players aswel so they will have the same chance of being better.



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