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26 Apr 2021 20:08:28
I think the storm clouds are gathering for Deano, I saw a survey where fans were asked whether they thought he was the right man to manage Villa and over 500 people responded only 51% felt he was. I think if results don't improve by seasons end he may well be in trouble unfortunately.

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26 Apr 2021 21:10:22
John, I think some fans, I being one, are getting frustrated at certain team selections. On Sunday elmo, who odds on out the door in the summer, chosen ahead of kesler who is getting rave reviews and is the future. I'm not saying throw all the young ones in at once, but giving the good ones a chance is needed and there's no better time than now. Can't get into Europe and won't go down. But deano seems to be protecting his own backside.

26 Apr 2021 21:30:47
Well if he is protecting his backside SV I think the protection is being torn away! I would also like to see some of the youngsters blooded but I can only assume he doesn’t believe they are ready and at the end of the day he will live and die by his decisions which is the way it should be, but I hope that if the powers that be push the exit button we don’t live to regret the decision.

26 Apr 2021 22:33:59
John don't get me wrong I'm not a deano out merchant, I'm just saying what a few may be thinking. Sometimes it is better the devil you know. But I wish we could see what potential the youngsters have. If we don't play them they'll be gone and lost forever.

26 Apr 2021 23:07:47
In life people live and die by their decisions, why should that stop at Villa Park.
If we continue with the negativity that is being shown, we will never make progress.
People keep saying Deano might not think these players are ready, they never will, I give up making a case.
What will be will be.

26 Apr 2021 23:08:59
VJohn, like you I read the survey and wasn't at all surprised that Deano's popularity has waned. The survey wasn't a handful of dissenters it was a substantial number. I would imagine they are in the main genuine fans who, like me are disillusioned with the current tactics and team selection. Fans comment, not to be spiteful but in most cases give their honest opinion. My worry is that the anti climax to the end of, what started off so positively has turned in to a deeply disappointing end. Compare our quality to Sheffield, Newcastle, Burnley, West Brom, we are no better. Remember two of these are about to join the championship. They are being relegated because they deserve it, I do not want to see my team follow in their footsteps next season and I can genuinely see this happening with the current set up and finishing the season as we are could very easily carry over to next season. I understand some on here are loyal fans to the end and feel it is a crime to express concerns and criticism in what ever form that takes. I remember "loyal fans" backing Mcleish, Garde, Bruce when most saw things differently and were proved right. If the club stick by Deano, he certainly has to accept the current failings, which in my opinion he has failed to do. Perhaps we manage to purchase some quality midfielders and more than a couple attacking players and Deano finds a formula that works, if this happens perhaps he can turn the current 50% who in the survey today said he wasn't likely to lead us to success.

27 Apr 2021 06:14:15
Where was the survey? If its Tw*tter or Facebook then that's about as reliable as a chocolate teapot.
500 votes is nothing online, even Bluenoses can muster up that many people to mess with things.

27 Apr 2021 09:51:00
On most of the Villa forums there is a general feeling of dissatisfaction, however I would say the consensus is that Deano should be given next season at least.
It must be remembered that the strength of our squad is inferior to most of the teams above us in the league, however as our squad improves with each window expectations will undoubtedly mount.

27 Apr 2021 09:59:25
You mentioned "mount " at the end of your post Mark, and somewhere Southgate's ears pricked up and a tiny bit of man wee leaked out 😁.

27 Apr 2021 10:28:09
rk I can’t remember where I saw the survey however I can assure you it wasn’t Twitter or Facebook as I don’t do either.

27 Apr 2021 10:53:07
The point I'm making is that if we don't give these young guns a taste of progressing they will soon be up and off like Sancho, Bellingham to name two.

27 Apr 2021 11:58:23
It's still too small a sample size John to draw any conclusions.

27 Apr 2021 12:52:55
Rk, just look at the performances, that's where we get our conclusions, the survey of 50% just confirms what most of us know.

27 Apr 2021 14:05:48
50% of 500 confirms nothing about what the fanbase thinks about Smith. Over 25-30k home fans regularly at Villa Park pre-lockdown, there's probably at least 10x that in ardent supporters and a hell of a lot more than that including casual supporters.
If you have any clue about how statistics work that is the equivalent of flipping a coin twice and concluding it always lands on heads because it did the twice you flipped it.

27 Apr 2021 16:30:59
rk, before retiring I did a significant amount of work involving statistics although in fairness I am not a qualified statistician. But I think that If you assumed a population size of 35,000 for your survey and then had circa 600 responses then your margin for error in terms of results is approx 4% either way so based on the survey I quoted at best Deano has 55% of the fan base behind him, at worst 47% either way it’s not a ringing endorsement and that’s coming from a Deano supporter which is a little worrying in my opinion.

27 Apr 2021 17:50:39
That's only if all other factors are balanced John. This survey would have been conducted somewhere with a high proportion of negativity, a number of people who do not fall within the required parameters (non Villa fans) and a high probability of duplicated responses.
The actual population size as stated above is going to be easily above 250k and not 35k so the sample size is 2% at best including the fact that the sampling method is open to abuse.
Most people who are happy with Deano will see it as a nonsense poll and ignore it which further skews the results to the negative.

27 Apr 2021 18:33:34
rk, I used 35000 as that’s probably near our average home attendance, and assumed that those who have bothered to reply will be in most cases Villa fans, my question to you is how have you come up with your 250k estimate? as I can’t see a group in excess of 200k who aren’t Villa fans being bothered to vote in such a poll, and in any case your margin of error is supposed to take account of things like duplicate responses and individuals trying to skew the result so I am not sure we can assume most people are happy with Deano, I would hope they are but I think a significant number are starting to turn against him.

27 Apr 2021 19:11:47
Because attendance at matches isn't the population size John. You can't count Villa fans as only those who go to games as that's falsely limiting it.
There are fans who cannot attend due to geographical location such as myself, Dave and Mark.
There are also thousands upon thousands of households who simply do not have the disposable income to attend football matches.
There is also the fact we had a waiting list for season tickets last year meaning people trying to go already exceeded your figure.
Mine is a very rough estimate but takes into account fans from all areas and walks of life.
The sample size is too small and the sample method too poor to be able to extrapolate. The margin for error on those polls at such low numbers is more like up to 20%, which could quite easily be 20% the other way. Either way, not reliable.

27 Apr 2021 19:13:03
John, your statistical analysis is sound mate, my whole problem is forget the numbers, it's the football and lack of quality and tactics that's driving any issue around the manager, the survey just emphasises that there is a problem identified by Villa fans.

27 Apr 2021 19:13:17
Statistics can be fudged to create the wrong outcome. I remember one a few years ago that said 9 out of 10 cats prefer whiskers, which couldn't be right as I've never seen a cat without them, even those freaky looking fur-less ones 😳.

27 Apr 2021 19:17:21
Quality Moose 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

27 Apr 2021 21:16:56
Love it mate 😂👍.

27 Apr 2021 21:48:53
Well done Moose😂👍.



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