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11 Apr 2021 12:26:30
Just a thought here, and its just that. We've been trying to pinpoint the reasons why our form has seemingly fell off a cliff. CV outbreak, physical and mental fatigue etc but could it just be that with the size of our coaching staff there is a case of too many cooks over egging the pudding? What i mean by that is that there could be too much info being thrown at the players and maybe even mixed messages being received causing a confusion of tactics etc. I know its the same setup as earlier in the season when we were pulling up trees but then the system was working and players were fresher, more confident and playing with freedom and a swagger. Players don't suddenly become bad players overnight and there could be extenuating circumstances we're not privy to. Like everyone else we're just trying to make sense of what's happening as we don't want to see what, by and large, has been a season that has probably exceeded what we expected pre kick off fade away. If we can finish strongly that form will be carried over to next season as could a negative end, so its important for momentum to be reestablished.

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11 Apr 2021 13:54:33
That is a very interesting theory Moose, and as you say players don`t become bad players overnight.
This is where I have a problem mate, players don`t become excellent overnight either, which is what happened.
We are in a much better place than last season for sure, but I feel everyone played above their station to achieve it.
Reality is now raising it`s head, and I think players need reminding that no place is guaranteed in the side, and that hard work although needed, is no substitute for quality.
So to obtain that momentum again, I think things need freshening up again, I might be wrong Moose, who knows its all guess work mate.

11 Apr 2021 14:19:09
You might have something there Moose but I think CV was the main contributory factor. We just haven’t looked the same since the restart following that outbreak at the club.
Just before that I remember we were playing well, we looked good over the Christmas period, and we were really unlucky to lose at Man Utd, when they we’re going through a purple patch.
I don’t think it’s the only reason though. The obvious one is Jack’s injury, then there’s Barkley’s complete loss of form since coming back from the hamstring injury. Then there’s the lack of depth in terms of quality Dean can turn to when players get injured or lose form. I was looking at the players Man City had on the bench yesterday, any one of their midfield or attacking replacements would walk into our team.
We are also a young team, still with a lot to learn, and we lack that ‘old head’ factor. When things start going wrong, a team needs that experience to get through those periods.
It all looked great remember when Barkley first linked up with Jack. They looked like they were capable of tearing this league up. I was a bit hard on Ross yesterday, I would love to see him find the form he had with us when he first came to the club. Alas it looks unlikely, he appears completely devoid of confidence and desire and we will need to look elsewhere.
We have shown this season that we can play well, and compete with the better teams, which is something we completely failed to do last season. With 3 or 4 quality additions this Summer, I reiterate that I feel confident we can do that again and hopefully maintain that high level of form for the most part of next season.

11 Apr 2021 17:56:21
I think recruitment this summer is going to be absolutely key and creativity in midfield is absolutely essential if we are to progress and develop from primarily being seen as a one man team. The problem I have is who can fill that creative void? Personally I would rather we recruit players from within the premiership as it can take some of the foreign players time to settle, Sanson being a classic example. I had hoped that person was Barkley but that doesn’t seem likely, one player who in my opinion could fill the role is Dele Alli but if he is to move he will have much better options than coming to B6 so I am not sure what creative midfielders currently plying there trade in the premiership are likely to be available and more importantly willing to join us, therefore I think we have 2 options firstly look to recruit a creative central midfielder from abroad or secondly move Jack into a central role and recruit creative widemen where I think the options are greater for example Harrison, Saint Maximin, Sarr, Brooks, Lookman I would prefer taking this option rather than recruiting from abroad to be honest. On top of this I think a striker and defensive midfielder are also required but again the question is who? An interesting summer methinks.

11 Apr 2021 21:29:04
No questioning Ali’s talent John, but his attitude is sometimes questionable. If our management team could get him focused and motivated he might be the solution for the creativity in the final third.
I did have a long list of candidates John, but Ed 002 has eliminated just about all of them 🥺
So I’m just going to wait and see who Mr. Lange and his team come up with mate. Hopefully he’ll unearth a few hidden gems 🤞🏻🙏.

11 Apr 2021 22:01:11
I saw the list I think mark and hopefully Ed 02 won’t be right on all of them particularly Olise I hope, as he looks quality to me.



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