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10 Apr 2021 20:53:18
This is not a get deano out thread, the question is, is deano the man to take us to the next level. He's taken us up a level but I feel has lost his way a bit. Gone is the attacking emphasis we all wanted when we got him from Brentford. If the answer is no then who would be better. Gerrard I feel would only use us as a stepping stone to liverpool so I wouldn't want that. My top four to take us to the next stage would be in no particular order, rafa, low, simione, ten hag. Any thoughts.

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10 Apr 2021 21:08:31
The Smith debate is a tough one, he has improved our league position year on year so deserves the chance to continue as Aston Villa manager however. The same issues persist with Smith in terms of team selection, tactics and game management! For me we should only consider replacing Smith if we are replacing him with a proven entity and one that will guarantee progression, Gerrard is not in this bracket. I'm certainly not in the Smith Out corner but I do believe we can be critical of the man while not wanting him sacked.

10 Apr 2021 21:18:53
Glad to hear we are not on agent Deano out thread because the guy needs support not us crying for him to be sacked we are building as a team first stage get us promoted second stage retain premiership status next stage consolidate premier league status all of which he has achieved I think he should be lauded for that and given the opportunity to take us to the next level and we need to see how we go next season before we even think about his future in my opinion.
With regard to the list of candidates I don’t know much about Ten Hag so can’t comment on him, but I can’t think
why Simeone would be interested given his current managerial position, Low’s Germany aren’t pulling up any trees currently and I am not sure he has a particularly good cv at club level so I wouldn’t want him. Rafa was good years ago not sure now, I am a bit suspicious of someone who moves to the Chinese super league in a bid to enhance his career! Also I am not sure how many of those on the list would buy into the youth development side of what is supposedly the clubs strategic direction If I was looking at replacements I would include on a shortlist of candidates Gerard if he uses us as a stepping stone to Anfield I am not really bothered as long as we are regularly challenging for a top six position season after season when he leaves. I would also include Dyche and funnily enough Scott Parker on the list I think his team play attractive football he doesn’t seem afraid to change tactics when required and he is good with the media.

10 Apr 2021 21:32:08
Hi SV, hope you and yours are all well mate.
As you are probably aware, myself and a few others on here have been on about the way we are now playing, compared to the first half of the season, there is simply no comparison.
I am concerned for Deano, because he is one of us, and he is a decent man, who genuinely cares about the club.
My reasons for the bits of Deano I am not sure about, is his reluctance to drop players who are clearly struggling with form, and also the system we are stuck in, of which he seems to have no alternative.
So SV, although I personally don`t want to lose Deano, I do see and understand what people are saying.
I just think he needs to look at his methods, and take on board the problems that are clear for all to see.

10 Apr 2021 21:58:25
I can understand people debating team selection and tactics at times and I've certainly had a rant or two while watching, but we have to keep in mind what Smith is working with and the context around it. In relative terms we're competing with a squad who are very new to the premiere league and only recently assembled, so as others have mentioned, Smith has earned the right to be given time. The recruitment has been sound in the main, league performance has improved hugely since last season and although we all have different views on player performance, who should start, tactics etc, we should keep in mind that we're in a strong position now and have improved every season he's been here precisely because Smith is in charge of the above.
Everyone would love us to be the perfect team right now, but it will take time and there will be dips in form along the way. let's just try not to panic every time we go through a bad patch and focus on the bigger picture.

10 Apr 2021 22:22:45
To answer all the questions that have come out from this ill start with villajohn. De hag is the ajax manager who thrives on bringing youth through so would fit the bill. Simione may fancy the prem, I see what you're saying about rafa and low, I was just putting them out there to get a debate going. Dave all is good here mate and hope the same is for you. As I said I just feel deano needs to go back to believing what made us want him in the first place. DBS we are a new team built by deano but he needs to accept they're playing too negatively and make some changes. Now is the perfect time to bleed some youngsters but he won't. We won't make europe and we won't go down so have some fun and have a look at the young guns. I for one would accept some losses whilst trying.

10 Apr 2021 22:37:59
If we finished inside the Top 10 this season lads Smith deserves the right to continue as Manager, no arguement - Villa will spend big again in the summer and I think it's obvious to most where we need to strengthen, including Smith. If this time next season and there is no genuine progression I think the owners will look elsewhere, they have invested heavily and will expect results - So far Smith has delivered results and my hope is the issues I have with him will diminish with an improved squad.

10 Apr 2021 22:43:06
The problem with all of this is that it started weeks ago, when a few of us pointed out our performances were getting worse.
When it was mentioned and pointed out, people jumped on us and labeled us as doom a gloomers.
Plain and simple, if someone is not performing, be it a nurse, doctor, driver, dustman, pilot, policeman, footballer even your wife, it doesn`t mean I want a divorce, so you tell them.
What is wrong with that.

11 Apr 2021 00:18:44
Idealy I'd love to see a manager in place like Valverde (he was fuming when Barry left Barca), Spalletti, Allegri or even Sarri.

Valverde would be my first choice.

Don't get me wrong Smith has done so much for the club but unfortunately he hasn't got that appeal to bring big names or even the pedigree to take us further, I don't think any current UK manager would. Ok maybe one but he's quite happy at Leicester.

Questions for you all:
Do you think Smith is being prevented in bringing the u18/ u23s, especially Barry into the first team?

And is there a wait to next season, so teams don't get to know the strengths/ weaknesses until seeing them in a first 11?

11 Apr 2021 07:01:42
I haven't seen anyone on here take issue with pointing out that our form has dropped, it's when people take that and use it as ammunition to call for Smith to be sacked or suggest he's not up to it. Form is just that, form, and most people on here are able to look at the broader picture of overall progression and it's nice to see most on this thread agree that Smith has done a good job. We're not perfect and our squad isn't full of quality, especially in attack, so I think it's unreasonable to expect consistently good performances with where we are. I also don't think it's fair to suggest Smith doesn't have the pulling power to bring in quality players abd big names when we're only in our second season in the Prem. Hopefully now Smith has made us a more attractive proposition this season and with financial backing, we'll move up a level again this summer.

11 Apr 2021 11:23:10
My fear is this form will continue and Villa slip to 13th or 14th in the table at which point I think there will be genuine questions asked regarding our progress under Smith this season, especially having spend 100M (ish) over the past 2 windows and having one of the best players in the league. Again, I'm not advocating Smith be sacked but I do think we are slowly closing in on a scenario where the board (and fans) may start to question Smith's tactics and game management and it wouldn't surprise me if there are tentative reviews of alternative options happening. Personally I want Smith to be given the chance to take us to the next level, he has earned it, but if he is to be successful he needs more tactical flexibility to ensure we are not solely reliant on Jack.

11 Apr 2021 14:12:33
Sorry DBS, form was mentioned, many many times, it was mentioned 10 weeks ago, by myself, Scotty, and Whacky plus others.
But we were immediately jumped on as doom and gloomers, and calling for Deano`s head.
Which was total rubbish, I keep saying this mate.

11 Apr 2021 17:38:12
It's about not getting too high when we're in good form and not getting too low when it's not great. With the squad we've got most people would've thought you were wearing claret and blue goggles at the start of the season if you'd have predicted a top 10 finish.

Lower mid-table a realistic progressive target and another relegation battle standing still. We're about where we should be, with a relatviely limited and small squad and our best attacking player injured for a few months.

Bad form is frustrating, especially after playing so well early doors, but we're not the first limited squad to run out of steam in a highly competitive Premier league.

It doesn't mean anything is wrong with the way our club is run, the coaches are still the same coaches that have made us progress so far so quickly, we just need to accept the reality of the situation and that at our clubs stage of development, there are only so many options.

If we've not progressed this time next year then fair enough, questions will and should be asked.

11 Apr 2021 18:09:33
Dave, I have issued the wife with a P45 I am advertising next week interviews to follow.



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