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09 Apr 2021 17:42:45
Great to see that Villa are debt free although as reported there is a operating loss of 99 million. NWSE have plans to modernise Villa park also which is great news. These 2 deserve all the praise being thrown their way we truly have our club back. As stated before by me Rome wasnt built in a day it's a 5-10 year project building foundations for our youth 1st team and the ladies sit back and put your slippers on we are in very very very good hands. In fact I'm so happy right bow more so than I have been in many a year.

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09 Apr 2021 18:42:28
Daz, the loses you mention although negative now, will eventually if all goes well will turn into a well balanced operation, we are indeed in very good hands.
I don`t think for one minute Daz, that people/ fans are complaining about the owners, if they are, well the mind boggles mate.

09 Apr 2021 20:24:33
The owners stand by Deano. You could say then that those wanting Deano out, and I do sense there are a few on here, are indirectly complaining about the owners.

09 Apr 2021 21:03:26
Exactly Mark our owners have to be thee best owners in the PL bold statement I know but to take on a club that was losing money left right and centre to turn them debt free in 3 years is simply astonishing. They have spent heavily not only in the 1st team but the youth and the ladies aswell as transforming BH. For me the biggest statement is redeveloping VP which says to me they are going to invest heavily in the 1st team aswell as bringing the youth through.

09 Apr 2021 21:04:39
And to Dave we got to be optimistic for the future of our club?

09 Apr 2021 21:09:18
Why would that be the case Mark, surely if you are not happy with the owners you would say so.
You don`t complain about who they are employing (Deano), and expect people to read into that as not liking the owners.
All the fans I know think they are amazing mate.

09 Apr 2021 21:11:04
Not sure what you mean Daz?

09 Apr 2021 21:20:34
They are the only people who can remove the manager though Dave. If people say they have full trust and belief in the owners, then they should, in my opinion trust, their judgment.

09 Apr 2021 21:47:06
To an extent I agree Mark however you would hope they would recognise and reward results and not push the exit button because it appears ‘someone better’ becomes available. As I have said on a previous post Deano has overseen a strategic overhaul of the club and we are starting to see the results of that change and are ahead of where we should be based on the plan set out by NSWE I think it would be a pretty poor reward if he was sacked as a result of that.

09 Apr 2021 21:51:01
Why, just because I respect the owners, doesn`t mean I should respect or agree with everything the do, or trust their judgment.
Everything in life is open to question, that is why I sometimes have issues with some of Deano`s decision making.
They are doing a fantastic job as owners, and I have never complained about them, and I am deeply grateful for their intervention in our near death experience. 😁
Trust me I have a much deeper love for Villa than they do, mine is passion Mark, not financial.

09 Apr 2021 22:12:54
I think we’ve all questioned Deano’s decision making from time to time but I for one wouldn’t want to see him lose his job. You know as well as I do Dave, there have been people on here calling for his head. I know you’re not in that camp.
You might think differently but for me If the owners choose to stand by the manager and give him their full support, then so do I mate.

09 Apr 2021 23:15:38
Yes mate I am with them, always have been.
But if ever a time comes when I am not happy with Deano, or anyone else, I will say so.



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