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08 Apr 2021 21:59:11
Plenty of speculation again about Grealish and I expect the same every window now to be honest as pundits, ex-players etc try to unsettle him into moving to one of Sky's big six clubs. However, I will stick my neck out and say Grealish will be going nowhere this window and I feel 100% certain of that.

After last season Jack held lengthy talks with our owners and he was fully onboard with their ambition and plans for the future, he then swiftly signed a new 5 year contract.

Like every player Jack will want success but if Jack believes it is possible with Villa then he will be happy to continue with us on that quest, their is no reason this season to believe that Villa are going anywhere but forward so I fully expect him to stay. UTV 👍👍👍.

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09 Apr 2021 12:07:02
The biggest concern regarding Jack is when he’s going to start playing again. The reports emerging today suggest that’s not going to be in April. That doesn’t leave too many games. I’m starting to wonder if he’ll make another appearance for Villa this season. 🥺.

09 Apr 2021 14:12:10
I was wondering the same mark to be honest, and given Southgate isn’t Jack’s biggest fan I wonder if that puts an end to his chances of going to the Euro’s.

09 Apr 2021 14:50:31
John, I know from experience that shin splints are painful and can take some time to heal properly. Joe Lolley at Forest has an ongoing problem with them apparently, and I think his problem started more than a season ago.
I don’t think Deano will risk the career of the club’s prize asset. Unless he’s 100% certain he’s completely over the problem he won’t involve him. It would be unfortunate for Jack and England if he were to miss the Euro’s, but the likelihood appears to be increasing.

09 Apr 2021 14:57:53
Scotty and myself touched on this two days ago, and felt we should put a plan in place for life without Jack.
We would be in a strong position if we looked at it that way, we have to stop depending on one player, things have to change.
Stop Jack and you stop Villa, not a great position to be in is it.

09 Apr 2021 15:29:46
I'm sure the plan is to improve the team and bring better players in as we have been for the last two years, it takes time though and I think the club, generally speaking, have got their heads screwed on now and we're moving in the right direction. Big summer ahead.

09 Apr 2021 15:47:49
Dave, I think the short term plan should be to play like they did for the last 15 minutes of the Fulham game.
I think we should certainly be using the remaining games to look at using different tactics, formations and players.
With Jack not being available and Europe as good as out of reach, it’s a golden opportunity to formulate alternative game plans.

09 Apr 2021 17:02:31
Mark mate, I enjoyed the last 15 against Fulham very much, especially the end result.
And yes we should use the remaining games and players at our disposal, to try and formulate alternatives to the system and Jacks replacement, who we rely too much on.
So to be realistic, and to play like they did for the last 15 minutes against Fulham is not a lot to ask is it, we only did what we were expected to do after all.
I am not being pessimistic, I am just saying it as it is.
We can talk all day, but you know as well as I do, we are still very reluctant to try something new.
That can be looked at in two ways, we don`t know how to, or we are frightened to.

09 Apr 2021 17:39:14
Dave, they are a young side that are learning and gaining experience all the time. With time they will learn how to adapt in games and manage situations better than they currently are. I know the policy is to buy younger players with sell on potential but sometimes I can’t help feeling a few older/ experienced players might help. I think Moose made this point a few weeks ago.
I feel confident however that 3 or 4 quality signings in the Summer will ensure our progression with or without Jack in the team.

09 Apr 2021 18:52:47
Mark, of course you need experienced players in the side, I am not saying any different mate, it should be balanced, young and experience.
I think we are drifting off the point mate, it always appears we have no plans in place, plans to change games, it worked against Fulham fair play, but that is a rarity Mark.

09 Apr 2021 19:21:16
I think up until the Fulham game substitutions were made far too late in the games to have much influence on them.
Davis for instance only usually got 5, 10 minutes at the most, against Fulham he got 25 minutes, enough time to make a difference.



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