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06 Apr 2021 15:48:49
Just watched the debate about the England squad between Carragher and Neville last night, 1 thing that got my attention was that Dier hasn't been starting for the Spuds, I'd put a bid in for him, the guy's hard as nails, perfect CDM, and can play centre half in a back 3 or 4, I'd go to £30M for him, rather than waste that on Barkley 🤷🏼‍♂️


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06 Apr 2021 18:47:13
I think there’s a reason why he hasn’t been starting. I watched his last game when they got knocked out of the Europa league. He wasn’t just awful, but his attitude as one of the senior players in the side on the night, was poor. Couldn’t get a hold of what was going on or motivate those around him.

Not good signs at all.

07 Apr 2021 02:19:00
I have to agree Chris, maybe worth 8-10 million but I would find it hard to hand it over for him.

07 Apr 2021 08:50:58
Probably best leaving it then, instead plunder the relegated teams for players to improve us even though they couldn’t keep their own club in the Prem, basically the transfer policy since as far back as I can remember, up until we had billionaire owners 🙄


07 Apr 2021 09:42:58
As you’ve just pointed out, that was the policy until we had billionaire owners, what makes you think we would once again adopt that policy if we haven’t for the 4+ windows we’ve had these owners?

Me nor whack was suggesting such a transfer policy, just that Dier has been useless recently and his attitude hasn’t been much better.

07 Apr 2021 10:18:48
Seems to me you’re judging him on 1 game, watched Citeh vs Dortmund last night, I don’t think we should try to buy Haaland now, he didn’t play very well, a bit sulky tbh, leave him for Barca, Real, PSG, etc. Just pointing out that an established England squad member that would improve our team could be available at the right price, tell me 1 player that in all their career didn’t have an off night 🤷🏼‍♂️


{Ed077's Note - Man City and Dinamo Zagreb arent quite the same level of opposition, are they? And Dier hasnt been that good/impressive for Spurs for sometime now.}

07 Apr 2021 11:32:35
As Ed has said, he’s been poor for some time. Hence why people are baffled at his constant England selection.

But if that’s your thoughts, that is was just one game, why not just say that? Instead of the strange comment about signing players from relegated sides? 🤔.

07 Apr 2021 12:17:44
Plundering championship sides hasn’t done us too badly recently with the likes of Cash, Konsa and Watkins joining the ranks, and let’s not forget if we hadn’t got the draw at West Ham last season Jack would have potentially been a championship player as well. Just because your team isn’t good enough to stay up doesn’t necessarily make you a bad player there will be a number of good players contracted to this years relegated sides.

07 Apr 2021 12:29:39
I’d be enquiring about lotus cheek. think he would’ve a great addition.

07 Apr 2021 12:36:04
Buendia another one John, championship player but you only have to watch him to see he’s 1 million percent capable of being a premier league regular.

07 Apr 2021 13:41:14
I think there’s a number who potentially could make the step up like Henry and Toney at Brentford and Swift and Olise at Reading. If clubs do there scouting properly I think there are some gems to be had not only in the championship but in the lower leagues as well.

07 Apr 2021 14:02:23
I like Olise, I’m undecided on Swift, looks brilliant on highlights but whenever I’ve seen him play a full game, I’ve rarely seen him really stand out.

{Ed002's Note - Olise will likely move on in the summer.}

07 Apr 2021 14:15:48
All the players that have been mentioned are fine players, can give you reasons why buying them wouldn’t improve us, based on not just 1 or a few games, look to the teams in and around us or even better above us for players if we want to improve, seems to me a lot of you on here are still thinking about future profit on players, not actually winning things or at least having a go, at the most I think we need 3 quality players in the right positions that would go straight into the team, not got potential and overpriced players, if potential is what you’re looking for in the transfer market, then a having a youth system is a waste of time isn’t it 🤷🏼‍♂️


07 Apr 2021 14:20:21
I don`t think there is a poster on here that would turn their nose up at the prospect of signing Buendia, he needs a stage.
Patrick Bauer of Preston would be a good addition as cover for C/ B, a powerhouse in the air, and tough as they come.

07 Apr 2021 14:29:09
I can see what you are saying Ally, and I personally value your points, I think we are all pointing out things that could and should be considered.

07 Apr 2021 15:00:55
You seem to jump to a lot of conclusions Ally, no one on this thread has once mentioned future profit, sell on potential or anything of the sort? You’ve assumed that yourself but no one has suggested such. Remember Watkins, Konsa, Cash all came from the championship and improved us ten fold. You can never say for certain but it’s hard to imagine players like Buendia, Toney, Sarr just to name a few, not having a similar effect.

I agree this summer we should be looking at two or three high quality additions to go straight into the starting 11. This seems the best way of building, the days of signing 8 or more players in a single window that all would go straight into the team are long gone, hence why projects now take time.

I like Bauer as well Dave, proper unit of a centre half, got to be six foot 5 or more. The sort you’d want as back up as well, as you’d have no worries about them coming on and getting caught cold making mistakes, the way he defends leaves little room for mistakes when the balls in row Z😂.

07 Apr 2021 15:47:59
👍👍 Ditto mate.

07 Apr 2021 17:08:54
I’ll look at this another way, the players that have been mentioned would be good replacements for any outgoings, El Ghazi, Trez, Engels, Taylor, Elmo, Hourhane (maybe) and Barkley’s wages, but they’re not bang straight in from the start of the season players. The 3 positions that are up for grabs imo are defensive mid, right mid and a forward whether it’s a No9 or a right winger (assuming Jack plays on the left) Sanson could be the right mid, Luiz could be the right mid as I think he would be better going forward, Ramsey even but only if we’ve got a proven defensive mid and Dier/ Hayden would fall into that category (yes I know Newcastle could get relegated 🙄) Rice would be the dream. Looking at the right mid options then says to me it’s not a priority now that we have Sanson. So right wing and a No9 or someone who can play both. I’ll throw another name in now, Jonathan David of Lille, he’s smashing it in Ligue 1, 2 footed and has potential too, be looking at £40M+ though for him, depends if he’s willing to miss out on Champions League football to play in the Prem for lil old Aston Villa 🤷🏼‍♂️


{Ed002's Note - Jonathan David will not be joining Aston Villa - try and get over the fantasy football stuff.}

07 Apr 2021 17:09:02
Ally the problem I have is that I am not sure any of the players currently playing for clubs in and around us ie the likes of Spurs Arsenal Liverpool and Chelsea are at present likely to join us as they will have better options available to them, as we are very much still a work in progress. (Tammy might be the exception but I am not sure he is what we need right now if I am honest. ) So ideally I would like to replace Barkley with Dele Alli but that isn’t going to happen that being the case If I was looking to only bring in 3 players who we have at least some chance of landing and would go into the first team they would be Saint Maximin, Mitrovic and Berge. I would move Grealish inside and Watkins out wide so my team would be as follows


Cash Konsa Mings Targett

McGinn Berge

Watkins Grealish Saint Maximin


Subs Steer, Guilbert, Hause, Traore, Sanson, Luiz Ramsey/ Barry

In arriving at this team I have assumed the likes of Heaton, Elmo, Taylor, Engels, Hourihane, Barkley, El ghazi and Trez will be plying their trade elsewhere.

07 Apr 2021 17:47:17
That’s a decent team John, though I think Traore is better than Saint Maximin so Olise would be a better option but only as a potential long term replacement for Traore. Always liked Mitrovic but he needs crosses going in, not wingers who cut inside, Berge is a decent player with a bit of height that we don’t have, but it’s the same problem again, would make McGinn a holding player again if we had that front 4 and that’s not his natural game, could do it at home against the lesser teams when the onus is on us to attack but over the season we would get found wanting. and Ed002, we’re Aston Villa and we buy who we want 🎶.


{Ed002's Note - Olise certainly won't be moving to AV I am afraid.}

07 Apr 2021 18:42:15
Ally, As Ed has pointed out names like David etc are just complete non starters.

Re Sanson, do you mean the right side of a centre mid pairing, or as your saying “right mid” as it has now become known, infront of the right back? Because if it’s the latter, he’s never played there in his career, so I doubt we’d be looking to switch his position now. The same with Dougie.

I think your on a much more realistic line Villajohn, I think we may be able to attract a higher calibre striker than Mitrovic, just with the money we are rumoured to have available and depending on how the rest of the season pans out.

07 Apr 2021 19:14:28
Interesting that you’ve said Olise definitely won’t be moving to Villa Ed. You said Olise will likely move on this Summer earlier, so do you know something we don’t Ed?
If you know where he’s going could you share that info. with us please.

{Ed002's Note - Michael Olise (AM/W) Reading want to keep the player but have already had to fen of approaches from Crystal Palace and Wolves. The player has said he would like to return to Chelsea at some point but they have not made any approach. His brother is still at Chelsea and they may well be open to talking to Reading about taking him back. Leeds have a declared interest in taking him as a potential Rafinha replacement if they lose him but can be discounted. There have been scouts from Fortuna Düsseldorf, Bayern Munich, Aston Villa, Liverpool and I suspect others looking at him but Bayern Munich are in talks with Reading over taking him and Omar Richers to Germany in the summer. One club have had a scout visit Sindlesham and had him turned away. He Would want game time assurances and Bayern Munich will use Jamal Musiala, who Olise knows from his time at Chelsea, as an example of how players can.}

07 Apr 2021 20:00:09
Very informative Ed and thank you for all that.
To be honest I don’t think Villa would be able to guarantee him a regular starting spot anyway. Personally I would prefer Buendia, who would likely go straight into the team. I hope you’re not going to tell me we’ve got no chance of getting him either. 🤞🏻.

07 Apr 2021 20:10:16
Can’t see how that completely rules is out Ed? From the teams mentioned there, the places he would most likely have the most game times would be us, palace or Wolves.

Leeds depends on them losing a player as you’ve said, but the money they will want for Raphina surely the chances of him staying put are greater than them of him leaving.

{Ed002's Note - Well you can keep hoping Chris.}

07 Apr 2021 21:10:01
Absolute pie in the sky this (and yes Ed002, pure fantasy football this) but thought I'd pose the question seeing as names are being thrown around.
What would your thoughts be on Phillipe Coutinho as a statement No10/ wide forward? Barcelona struggling for cash and pretty desperate to get rid. Probably not a snowball in hell's chance but the same would of been said about us getting Barkley on loan.
Like i said just asking the question out of curiosity.

{Ed002's Note - I am not sure who Aston Villa would be making a statement too? Or why. Pipco is certainly available, his agent is struggling to find any interest in him - but again it is a player Aston Villa have shown no interest in. The club should look to finding players who are younger and won’t cost such significant wages. Barkley is available and I am sure Chelsea would be open to another year on loan with an obligation to buy.}

07 Apr 2021 21:43:07
Weren't Pipco those horns you used to get for your bike back in the day? Sorry that's Pifco 🤣🤣🤣
When I mentioned a statement Ed002 was more associated with his name and reputation, tho that has been tarnished since his move to Barcelona. Was merely putting the question out there to gauge peoples thoughts. As for Barkley I'm sure they'd love to drop him on us either on loan or permanently but unfortunately not for me Jeff. Without being an expert it seems that there's something just not right about him at the moment, which is a shame as he does have talent.

{Ed002's Note - Pipco would be a good buy at a reasonable price. As for Ross Barkley, there is no doubt he is a good player, but distractions and consistency are the issues he needs to overcome.}

07 Apr 2021 21:54:37
Any idea what fee he'd be available for Ed and obviously what his wages are?

{Ed002's Note - I don’t know about the wages but about £15M or so should be enough to buy him.}

07 Apr 2021 22:16:03
Really? That low, would be an absolute steal for someone of that quality. I'll keep dreaming 🤣🤣🤣 cheers for the info Ed 👍.

07 Apr 2021 22:23:46
Unless Barkley ups the ante in the remaining weeks of the season then we should steer clear, his lack of consistency has plagued him throughout his career and I don’t see any evidence that this will change he is either good or very poor and has about one good game in four with that level of consistency I would rather invest the money elsewhere.



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